The History of Euthanasia


Alexander the Great Quote

323 bc

"i am dying with the help of too many physicians"

Ancient Greeks and Romans do not faithfully follow the Hippocratic Oath

5 bc - 1 bc

Ancient Greeks and Romans did not faithfully follow the Hippocratic Oath and often preformed euthanasia.

Christian Views support Hippocratic Oath

12 ad - 15 ad

During and after the Rise in Christianity,Christian views supported the Hippocratic Oath, which forbids euthanasia.

Euthanasia illegal in American Colonies

17 ad

Common law makes euthanasia illegal in the American Colonies.

Church's opinion Challenged by the Renaissance and Reformation writers

17 ad - 18 ad

The Renissance and reformation writers challenged the church's opposition to euthanasia.

American Evangelical Christians reject Euthanasia

18 ad

The American evangelical christians rejects suicide and euthanasia.

NY makes 1st Statute to Euthanasia illegal


New York made the first statute to make assisted suicide illegal.

Samuel Williams advocates using drugs for euthanasia

1870 - 1880

Samuel Williams began to publically advocate using morphine and other drugs for euthanasia.

The American Medical Association opposes euthanasia


The American Medical Association opposes euthanasia.