Bali Style

Cambridge, UK

Donald Friend meets Geoffrey Bawa

February, 1953

Friend sells a painting to a "charming fellow called Bawa" [page 193]

Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Friend and Bawa meet again

October, 1957

Bawa arrives back from studying architecture in Europe(AA). Bevis, Friend and Geoffrey have lunch at Brief. [page 406]

They start to develop a friendship with same appreciation for the arts and crafts, antique shopping etc. [page 411]

Friend and Bawa collaborate on Boniface Fernando's house

February, 1958

Friend works with Sir Robert Mayer in collaboration with Bawa on the Dry Fish millionaire, Boniface Fernando's house. [page 422]

Friend and Bawa meet Ulrik Plesner

July, 1958

Friend and Bawa have lunch with renowned architect, Minnette De Silva where they meet her practice partner the “handsomely romantic young Danish architect" Ulrik Plesner. [page 436]

Bawa designs affordable housing for Shell


Bawa, Friend and Plesner

April, 1959

Bawa and Plesner start to develop a friendship. Plesner looks up to Bawa they go on expeditions to collect antiques from the jungle. [page 449-50]

"Ulrik Plesner is always with him, and now imitates Geoffreys supercilious style of drawing..." [page 463]

Geoffrey Bawa starts telling clients he will only design for them if his brother Bevis is not the landscape architect. [page 463]

Bawa returns from europe holiday

October, 1960

"Geoffrey Bawa is back. thirty seconds of his company- he was at his most charming and intelligent- banished all anger at him. Refreshed with Europe and America, he is full of positive ideas." [page 500]

Friend Moves back to Sydney

July, 1962


Bali, Indonesia

Bawa moves to Bali


Bawa moves to Bali at Friend's request, to help design the Sanur beach complex