Untitled timeline


Munich Agreement

September 29, 1938

Annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) in 10 days.
Signators: Germany, UK, France, and Italy

German occupation of Czechoslovakia

March 15, 1939

Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact

August 23, 1939

World War II

September 1, 1939


November 8, 1939

Barbaric actions of Germans against Jews in the town of Krystallnacht.

France Defeat in WWII

April 1940

French President Petain signed armistice. Vichy government put into place by Nazi regime.

Operation Barbarossa

June 22, 1941

Nazi invasion of USSR

Blockade of Leningrad

September 8, 1941 - January 27, 1944

Nazi's fail to breakthrough.

Battle of Stalingrad

August 23, 1942 - February 2, 1943

Turning point for the war against the Nazi's
German General Paulus admitted defeat at Stalingrad with USSR commander Zrukov.

Battle of Kursk

July 5, 1943 - August 23, 1943

Tehran Conference

November 28, 1943

FDR, Churchill, and Stalin
-Invasion of Western Europe

Stalin wanted UK and US to begin preparation for a large scale invasion of western Europe. May-June 1944 commitment
- West came to the realization that this plan could solidify communism in europe.

Plot to assisinate Hitler

July 20, 1944

Yalta Conference

February 4, 1945

Main topic: status of post-war Eastern Europe
-Poland in particular
2nd: USSR involvement into the Pacific Front
3rd: United Nations
- Germany

FDR's Death

April 14, 1945

German Surrender WWII

May 8, 1945

Japanese Surrender WWII

September 2, 1945

Truman Doctrine

March 1947

US declaration to contain - by economic as well as militaristic means all manifestations of communism



Communist country unto Tito broke relations with the Kremlin

Establishment of Israel

May 15, 1948

1948 Arab-Israeli War

May 15, 1948 - March 10, 1949

Eygpt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Lebanon


April 4, 1949

Initial Members:
Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, United States, Portugal, United Kingdom, France

1952: Greece and Turkey
1955: Federal Republic of Germany
1982: Spain
1999: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland

Korean War

June 25, 1950 - 1953

Stalin's Death

March 5, 1953

Warsaw Pact


Poland, Hungary, Romania, USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic
Albania left 1964