Untitled timeline


Charles' First Parliament


MPs and Charles already disagree on the King's prerogative and money

Charles' Second Parliament


Charles' Third Parliament

1628 - 1629

Personal Rule

1629 - 1640

Long Parliament

Nov 1640 - June 1641

End of personal rule

Personal Rule - Religion

Book of orders


Books of Sports


William Laud made Archbishop of Canterbury


Prynne, Bastwick and Burton Case

June 1637

Prosectuated for publishing pamphlets that attacked the bishops. They were sentenced to be pilloried, branded on the cheek and have their ears cropped before being sentenced to death

Personal Rules - Finance



Granted these to companies which gave them the ability to control prices

Forest Fines


The boundaries of the royal forests were redrawn to the boundaries existing under edward III. Anyone living in these newly designated royal forests were fined.

Ship Money

1634 - 1635

In 1634 - MPs were instructed to collect, even in the absence of war.
In 1635 - It was extended to inland counties as well and it became an annual tax.

Distraint of Knighthood


Fined people who were eligible for a knighthood but didn't claim it.

John Hampden and the Ship Money case


1636 he had refused to pay Ship Money - he lost the case 5:7 five of the judges supporting the crown had been appointed by Charles

Charles and Scotland

New canons


Charles issued new canons regarding the conduct of services without consulting the general assembly of the scottish kirk.

English prayer book


He imposed the English prayer book on scotland



Scots drew up the convenant rejecting the Canons of 1636 and the prayer book, thousands of scots signed it.

Proclamation against protests

Feb 1638

Charles issued a proclamation which declared protests against the prayer book to be treasonous

abolition of bishops

nov 1638

Scottish National Assembly abolished High Commission and removed bishops in Scots.

Treaty of Berwick

June 1639

First Bishops war

June 1639

The Short Parliament

April 1640

The Second Bishops War

July 1640

Which lead to the Treaty of Ripon