Media Review


Leave It to Beaver

1957 - 1963

-Parents, Teachers, and School Administration were respected by everyone.
-Children were expected to be respectful but adults knew they made mistakes and were there to help guide.



-This movie shows the rebellious side of high school students.
-The school administration wasn't respected and was perceived as nerdy and naïve.

The Breakfast Club


-The teacher demands respect but doesn't have a relationship with the students.
-The students' behaviors all derive from their parents.

Saved by the Bell

1989 - 1993

-Principal is naive but is there for the students.
-Students are hardworking and respectful of adults.

Boy Meets World

1993 - 2000

-Students were expected to be respectful.
-Parents, teachers, and school administration always gave good advice that the children didn't always follow.
-The adults would still be there for the children even after the bad decisions.


2007 - 2012

-Parents/Gaurdians are obnoxious, overbearing, and naive.
-The kids are smarter than the adults.
-Teachers are perceived as nutcases.

Good Luck Charlie

2010 - 2014

-The dad is clueless
-The mom is self-absorbed and manipulative.
-The main character (Teddy) is the most mature and has to calm her mother down often.
-Teachers are really strict and not friendly.

New Girl


-The main character is a teacher. She is really quirky and weird but cares about her students.