Reconstruction Era

Reconstruction Era

Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction

December 8 1863

Issued by Lincoln

Freedmen's Bureau established

1865 - 1866

est. by Abraham Lincoln

Civil War Ends

April 9 1865

Lincoln is assassinated

April 15 1865

Andrew Johnson becomes president

April 15 1865

after Lincoln was assassinated

Johnson issues Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan

May 1865

13th Amendment

December 6 1865

abolishes slavery

Congress enacts Civil Rights Act of 1866

April 9 1866

Race Riots in southern cities

May 1 1866 - May 3 1866

Congress enacts a 2nd Freedmen's Bureau Act

July 16 1866

Congress over-rode Johnson's veto

KKK arise

December 24 1866

Reconstruction Act of 1867

March 2 1867

The south was split into five military districts and states had to have a military leader from the north this was called Marshall law. They also had to get rid of the black codes and ratify the 14th amendment. It disqualified confederate leaders from voting and any who didn't initiate their allegiance to the U.S.