events in india

A timeline about india's important events


mogul Emperor Sha jahan begins to build a building of his wife


modula emperor Sha jahan begins constuction of a building called taj mahal for the memory of his wife Mumtaz

the british take over india


the moguls of india were over thrown by Great Britain.

Mahatma gandhi figures out a way to free india from britain


After studying a british law a man named Mahatma Gandhi starts fighting for India's freedom,by creating a resistance but doing it in a peaceful way.

india gains independence from Great Britain


India becomes an independent country, and is divided between

gandhi gets assassinated


After saving india from being controlled by Britain about a year later he is assassinated for abviously freeing india.

A woman named Indira Gandhi becomes pres.


Indira Gandhi ( Not related to Mahatma) become on of the first female presidents of india.

India wins their first cricket world cup


indias tests their first nuclear weapon


India had finally tested their first nuclear weapon so far only one of seven countries have done it.

india has a population of 1billion


india has reached a population of 1billion

the first female president in india ever has been elected


Pratibha Patil is the first president of india that was female