Facebook Timeline


Facebook Starts


Facebook's Userbase increases

September 2006

Facebook develops social Infstructure

September 2006 - September 2009


09/26/2006 - 04/07/2014

Facebook is open to anyone 13 or older with a valid e-mail adress

Facebook announces platform for developers

May 24 2007

Facebook announces Facebook Platform for developers to build applications on top of Facebook's social graph

New Headquarters

October 2008

Facebook sets up its international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland

Facebook announces feature

September 10 2009

Facebook announces a feature whereby people can @-tag friends in their status updates and comments

Graph Search


Facebook announces that it will begin rolling out Graph Search for posts and comments

Instant Personalization


Facebook introduces Instant Personalization, starting with Microsoft Docs, Yelp, and Pandora.[35] It also starts allowing external websites to embed the like button


May 18 2010

Facebook launches Facebook Zero, allowing for free access to a text-only version of Facebook's mobile website with some carriers.

Facebook Zero


Facebook launches Facebook Zero, allowing for free access to a text-only version of Facebook's mobile website with some carriers

The Social Network

October 1 2010

a film about the beginnings of Facebook directed by David Fincher is released. The film is met with widespread critical acclaim as well as commercial success; however, Mark Zuckerberg says that the film is a largely inaccurate account of what happened.



Facebook launches ipad app

Facebook Character Increase

November 30 2011

Facebook increases the character limit for status update posts from 500 to 5,000 in September and to 63,206 on November 30

Featured Posts

January 12 2012

Facebook starts showing advertisements (called Featured Posts) in the news feed. The advertisements are generally for pages that one's Facebook friends have engaged with.

Facebook aquires instagram


Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook reaches 1 billion users

October 2012

Facebook reaches 1 billion active users.

Facebook Home

April 12 2013

Facebook launches Facebook Home, a user interface layer for Android-compatible phones that provides a replacement home screen that makes it easier for users to browse and post

Facebook launches Timeline

April 15 2013

Facebook launches a new timeline.

Edit Posts

September 26 2013

Facebook begins letting people edit their posts and comments after publishing