China's dynaties timeline



1600 BC - 1050 BC

1) Is the second dynasty of Three Dynasties Period
2)The earliest archeologically recorded dynasty in Chinese History.
3)Cheng Tang is said to have establish the dynasty first capital at a town called Shang


1046 BC - 256 BC
  1. Invented the compass

  2. Created the first geographical map

  3. Developed politics


221 BC - 206 BC
  1. Standardized the language and writing of China

  2. Built network of roads and canals

3.Built the Great Wall of China


206 BC - 220 AD

1.Invented Paper

2.Invented Water Clocks

3.Invented Sundials


581 - 618

1) Was an ephemeral Imperial Chinese dynasty which unified China in the 6th Century
2)This dynasty has often been compared to the earlier Qin Dynasty in tenor and in the ruthlessness of its accomplishment
3)The Sui dynasty's early demise was attributed to the government tyrannical demands on the people


618 AD - 907 AD
  1. Golden Age of China

  2. Dancing was introduced

  3. Scroll painting


960 - 1279

1) The Northern Song found by Zhao Kuangyin
2) As for the development of science and culture tremendous achievements were made during this period.
3)The Song dynasty was prosperous in many respects of the society


1271 - 1368

1.) Genghis Khan led the Mongols in their defeat of much of China.
2)In spite of the gradual assimilation of Yuan , The Mongol conquest imposed a harsh new political reality
3)The Mongol Dynasty , renamed the Yuan 1271


1368 - 1644
  1. Reconstruction of Beijing

  2. Science

  3. Technology


1636 - 1911

1) Qing dynasty was first established in 1636 by the Manchus
2)Qing dynasty artists were both Indi dualistic and innovative.
3) Qing dynasty is also called Manchu dynasty, Pinyin Manzu