Caleb's timeline


Greek civilization begins

2500 B.C

First immigrants enter Italy from north

2000 B.C.

Etruscans arrive in Italy by sea

800 B.C.

Etrusans civilization influenced,preceeded,and controlled the Romans

Greek Olympic Games begin

776 B.C.

men were nude while playing
winners recieved food and olive wreath
in honor of Zeus women couldn't attend
equestion events,between city-sates

Founding of Rome

753 B.C

myth says Romulas and Remus,brothers and sons of Mars,are orphand and raised by she wolf,before founding of Rome

Greek city-states begin

750 B.C

city-states are more advanced than cities,Corinth,Sparta,Ionia,Athens

Tyrants divide up the city-states

550 B.C.

Founding of Roman Republic

510 B.C

republic: govt ruled by people, shift from kings, last 500 years became empire

Last Etruscan King

510 B.C.

Hellenic Period

510 B.C. - 323 B.C.

510 was a big year for both Greece and Rome

Ionian cities rebel against Persia

500 B.C.

Battle of Marathon

490 B.C.

Athens vs. Persians, Phillipides ran 150 miles in 2 days to Sparta, Sparta refused because they had a party, Athens won, marthon is named after him

Xerxes builds Pontoon bridge

480 B.C.

Greeks defeat Persians

468 B.C.

Golden age of Greece begins

460 B.C.

Peloponnesian wars begin

431 B.C. - 404 B.C.

Athen and its allies vs. Sparta and its allies
Delian league Peloponnesioan league
Sparta wins and becomes new major power
weakens Greece ends Golden Age

Final decline of the Etruscans

400 B.C.

Gauls attack Rome

387 B.C.

Life of Alexander the Great

356 B.C. - 323 B.C.

broke Bucephalus, son of Phillip 2, became king of Macedonia
conquered Greece to Egypt to India, conquered Persian empire
tutored by Aristotle, caused Hellenistic period

Hellenistic Period

323 B.C. - 31 B.C.

Phyrrhic Wars begin

280 B.C.

Rome defeats Samnites, Gauls, and Etruscans

268 B.C.

First Punic Wars

264 B.C. - 241 B.C.

Romans vs. carthages
Carthage and Rome are major trade powers on Med; leads to war

Second Punic War

218 B.C. - 210 B.C.

over Spain, Hannibal invades Italy over the alps w/ elephants, raids for 15 years
Rome wins

Hannibal defeated

202 B.C.

Third Punic War

149 B.C. - 146 B.C.

Rome invades Carthage

Major Roman expansion in Mediterranean

133 B.C. - 131 B.C.

Life of Julius Caesar

100 B.C. - 44 B.C.

Octavian takes control of Egypt

31 B.C.

Pax Romana

30 B.C. - 180 A.D.

latin for Roman peace time of relative peace.
no civil wars
no military expansion

Life of Jesus the Christ

0 A.D. - 33 A.D.

born right after Hellinistic period ends, in a Roman territory, founded Christianity

Diocletian divides the Roman Empire in two and creates the Byzantine Empire

284 A.D.

made constantnople new capital constantine reunites it, make Christianity state religion