American History Week 21: Inventors

Industrialization/Monopolization, Women's Suffrage, Segregation, Fed regulation of Railroads, Imported Labor (China), Merit-based Fed. Government hiring


Ben Franklin

1706 - 1790

Invented the lightening rod, bifocal glasses, and the first circulating library in 1731

Eli Whitney

1765 - 1825

Invented the cotton gin which made the South wealthy

Thomas Edison

1847 - 1931

Invented the electric light bulb, phonograph, phonographic record, and the motion-picture projector

Alexander Graham Bell

1847 - 1922

Invented the telephone and telegraph, hydroairplane, improved the phonograph

Henry Ford

1863 - 1947

Manufactured the first affordable car, was the first to use conveyor belt assembly-line in a car factory and paid workers so they could afford the car they made.

WIlbur and Orville Wright


Invented the first working airplane: biplane with 2 propellors which flew 12 seconds in Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903