Night by Elie Wiesel


Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor.

Jan 30, 1933

President Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany

1st concentration camp

March 20, 1933 - April 29 1945

SS opens the Dachau concentration camp outside of Munich

Enabling Act

March 23 1933

This act aloud Hitler and the Nazi party to pass laws without going through the Reichstag.


November 9, 1938 - November 10, 1938

Named the Night of Broken Glass Kristallnacht was a series of planned attacks on Jewish people and buisnesses.

World War two

1 September 1939 - 2 September 1945

Auschwitz concentration camp

May 1940 - January 27 1945

Auschwitz was a network of labour and extermination camps that was the site of over 1.1 million deaths.

Buchenwald is liberated

April 10 1945

Buchenwald concentration camp is liberated by American troops.

Elies life

Elie is born

30 September 1928

Eliezer "Elie" Wiesel was born September 30th of 1928 in Sighet Transylvania. He was born to Sarah Feig and Shlomo Weisel.

Sighet Ghettos

April 20 1944 - May 22 1944

The Jewish community of Sighet is forced into two seperate ghettos before being transported by trains to concentration camps.

Elie is at Auschwitz

May 6 1944 - January 25 1945

Elie remains at Auschwitz in Buna a labour sub camp.

Elie marches to Gleiwitz

January 25 1945

Elie and his father march to Gleiwitz where they stay for three days without provisions. They then boarded a train for ten days to Buchenwald.

Elie leaves Auschwitz

January 25 1945

Elie and his father march out of auschwitz January 25 1945.

Elie's father dies

January 29 1945

Shlomo Weisel( Elie's father) dies in either his bed or the crematory over night. He suffered a blow to the head from a trucheon and died of the injuries.

Elie is free

April 25 1945

Elie leaves liberated buchenwald after being sick for two weeks in the hospital.