Gregory A Keels II Time Line


Gregory A Keels Birth


First Introduction to Porn


Around this age I remember finding Pornography in a bathroom and under a couch

Introduction to Internet pornography


This is around the time my Pornography addiction started to really become an issue. Around this time we got internet in the house.

Graduation from High School


Death of my Father


This day I realized I will never get the chance to ask the questions I wanted to ask to a father I never knew.

Graduated University of Cincinnati


Graduated With a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Child Abuse

Accepted my call into the ministry


accepted my call into the ministry. Was named youth minister at my home church

My first Sermon


Gave my first sermon as a minister

Offered my "Dream Job"

01/01/2009 - 08/01/2009

Worked as a correction officer for Ohio Department of Youth Services. Thought this was my Dream job

Stepped out on faith and moved to Nyack New York


Stepped out on faith, quit my job, packed everything I could, and moved to Nyack New York for Seminary (graduate school)

Received the vision for Beacon of Hope


While doing a mentorship class I started writing down the vision for a future ministry Beacon of Hope

Children's Aid and Family Services

04/10/2010 - 07/31/2014

Started working full time. This Job confirmed what God has called me to do.

Started counseling for my Pornography Addiction


On my birthday I decided to finally confront and deal with my addiction

Radio Host


Started working with my mentor as a Radio host for a Christian station

Graduated Alliance Theological Seminary


Graduated with Masters of Divinity Urban Ministry