The History of the Internet


The Internet is Born


At 10:30 PM, ARPANET transmits the first message- "lo". Originally this message was meant to say "login" but the "-gin" was somewhere lost in space! From here, the internet could only move up in quality and efficiency!

The Internet Grows!


ARPANET grows from 4 computers connected to a whole 13 computers!

The Internet Grows!


The number of computers connected by ARPANET increases to 23!

Only 60 Computers on the Network


At this point, many people didn't see the point in joining the network at this point. The value of the internet is having tons of information and people on it. Most people didn't want to spend thousands of dollars for a computer network with only 60 other computers connected.

The Internet Grows!


The hundred computer barrier is finally broken!

The Internet Grows!


The thousand computer barrier is finally broken and the internet really begins to take off!

The Internet Grows!


The 10,000 computer barrier is broken and computers with internet begin to make their way into everyday households.

The Internet Grows!


In just four years since the thousand barrier is broken, the million computer barrier is the next to crumble!

The Internet Grows!


10 Million users now connected to the Internet!

The Internet Grows!


100 Million users connected via the Internet!



Nowadays over 1.7 billion people are connected to the Internet across the world. Quite a different number than the original 4 computers that made up the network!

Significant Contributions to the Internet

The Gutenberg Project is Founded


The Gutenberg Project is the oldest digital library and is completely free of charge for users! It houses over 30,000 books and is continuously working towards having books freely distributed world-wide via the Internet!

The World Wide Web is Created!

1989 - 1990

Created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Although many people say they are using the Internet, they actually mean they're accessing the World Wide Web. This is what we use through a browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer!

Linus Torvald Creates Operating System (Linux)


One of the first open source coding software systems on the Internet. Just one example of open source- where anyone and everyone has access to software coding. It helps in the perfecting of different software. Even Wikipedia is a type of open source- anyone can edit and create articles!

AOL Becomes Most Popular Way to Access the World Wide Web!


At this point, although AOL had been around for a few years, it finally came to it's greatest moment- over 30 million people were using AOL to access the world wide web! This was the first time normal people could really get online and use it without having to be fairly technology-savvy. They provided services such as games, online chats, and email!

Youtube Created


Youtube is one of the most significant websites in today's 'Free Culture' society. They allow people to watch and upload videos for free! In exchange, people can pay to have ads play before popular videos or somewhere on the website.

Website Counts Grow!


30 million websites created this year alone! Today there are over 230 million websites!