Untitled timeline


R Birth


V pg


K Birth


V & C marriage


Confrontation while 8 month pregnant


I'm hosting the Christmas Holiday for the whole family at my home, 8 months pregnant; she arrives an insults me for not paying enough attention to her when she arrived. No thought/consideration given. She grabbed a beer & shot pool w the men without offering to lift a finger to help!

J Birth


Her son P was born


Leaves her son at my house w M


Goes on vacation leaving her kid who was sick at my house. Took kid to doctor twice. Was pg myself. Hadn't seen my own M in 18 months or had she seen grandkids.

Trip to California


I'm 5 months pregnant, numbers range possible DS, traveling w two young children to cousins wedding in CA

Head thru balcony bars poolside


Arrived at hotel, settled in & headed for pool. Father leaves balcony door wide open while on phone & their kid fits his head thru 2nd story balcony bars as we watch in horror from pool. Father oblivious & overly absorbed in phone call.

Leaves kid in my room 90-120 minutes!


Parks stroller w kid in it in my room for what was to be 15-20 min. Kid doesn't object when she leaves. Over an hour rolls by & I go to her room ask wtf? She replies "I was cleaning my room". So I'm pg w 2 kids of my own & your husband is HERE & YOU think it's ok to leave your kid for 1-2 hours as if I have NOTHING better to do!

E Birth


Was there w her son & my mother for birth