The Shooting of Chelsea Daye

May 31, FY2032 Associated USoFA Press


May 31 2032 9:13 am

Washington D.C. police reported a shooting at approximately 0900 this morning during a peaceful protest on the National Mall. They are advising citizens to take refuge indoors and stay away from windows.

No further details are available.

At least 1 killed in shootings on National Mall, suspect arrested

May 31, 2032 10:21 am

Gunfire erupted on the National Mall at approximately 0900 this morning, killing at least one person and wounding three others.

District police told citizens to take refuge indoors and to stay away from windows as they swept the area and worked to establish whether the gunman acted alone.

A hospital spokesperson said three people were treated for gunshot wounds and other injuries.

Government officials with knowledge of the incident told Associated USoFA Press that other casualties are possible.

All roads leading to the National Mall have been blockaded and all scheduled events have been canceled through Tuesday.

“There’s just a lot of commotion right now,” said Brian Kitt, an employee with the Smithsonian Institution Building, the entrance of which faces the Mall.

This marks the second time in less than a year that the National Mall was closed due to shooting.

The accused gunman, Marine Sgt. Francis Boxer, faces capital murder charges.

Gunman killed 2 at National Mall shooting before being killed

May 31, 2032 10:33 am

A gunman opened fire on a stage at the National Mall today, killing two in the deadliest shooting at the National Mall since last summer September FY2021, when four veterans of The War on Terror were killed in a skirmish brought down by Col. Tulsa Kimbro under orders from then-President Montgomery Stephens.

It has been said that the gunman responsible for today’s shootings was put down, but it remains unclear whether he was brought down by police or took his own life. The name of the gunman, mistakenly identified as Marine Sgt. Francis Boxer one hour ago, has not been released.

District police reported the shooting at a peaceful protest organized by the editors of The Citizen, a free alternative weekly newspaper. Former actress-turned-corporate gadfly Chelsea Daye has been identified as one of the scheduled speakers at the gathering. Police have ordered citizens to take refuge indoors and to stay away from windows. All roads leading to the National Mall have been blockaded and all scheduled events have been canceled through Tuesday.

Justin Pryor, a Georgetown student from Milwaukee, Wisc., said the shooting happened onstage during the protest, about 50 feet from where he and his friends were in attendance.

“They’ve put us under lockdown,” Pryor said. “We were all locked inside the National Air & Space Museum, checking the Cup every few seconds, trying to figure what’s going on.”

Police said there had been bomb threats on the Mall over the past two weeks but have not yet determined a link to the shootings.

Hollywood urged to take precautions

May 31, 2032 11:03 am

LOS ANGELES--The Los Angeles Police Department is advising members of the Hollywood elite to “take reasonable and prudent precautions” about their own security in the wake of the shooting today in Washington during a rare appearance by former actress Chelsea Daye.

The Los Angeles Police Department says it is indirectly involved in the investigation of the shooting, which took place today at approximately 1000 EST.

The notice also says federal, state and local law enforcement authorities are involved in the investigation.

President Holiday expresses shock regarding former Hollywood actress shooting

May 31, 2032 11:33 am

WASHINGTON--President Louis Holiday’s statement about the shooting of actor/activist Chelsea Daye, in Washington, D.C. on Saturday afternoon:

This morning, in an unspeakable tragedy, a small number of Americans were shot in our nation’s capital, at a meet-and-greet with the actress Chelsea Daye. While we are continuing to receive information, we now know that some have passed away, and that Ms. Daye is possibly gravely wounded.

We do not yet have all the answers concerning this shocking tragedy. What we do know is that such a senseless and terrible act of violence has no place in a free society such as ours. I ask all Americans to join Trudy and I in keeping Ms. Daye and the other victims in prayers to our respective gods or other concepts of the divine.


May 31, 2032 11:40 am

ARLINGTON, VA.--A federal law enforcement official says that actor Chelsea Daye was fatally shot in the attack earlier today in Washington, D.C. that took the lives of two others, including the shooter.

U.S. Marshal for the District Trent Sadler confirmed to Associated USoFA Press that Ms. Daye died in the attack of approximately 1000 EST today. Sadler offered no additional details about the shooting.

When asked if the shooting could have stemmed from an Islamic, Hindu, or other radical religious group, or whether it was connected to Daye’s history of drug use, Sadler replied, “I have no comment at this time.”

Cup entry contains eyewitness account of Mall shooting

May 31, 2032 1:09 pm

NEW YORK--A Top 20 item on the social media board YerCup is a set of bloody photos from a man who was allegedly present at the scene of the shooting of actress Chelsea Daye and two others.

The 17th-ranked item is an alleged eyewitness’s account of the scene. YerCup user Waag2112 describes how the audience that had come to hear Ms. Daye speak did not immediately realize that what they were witnessing was a violent shooting, rather than a theatrical production used to enhance Daye’s presentation:

Shooting began just as CD got talking about going back to movies??? We just thot ‘special effects’ (a.k.a. smoke??) but then shots X2 and people start RUNNIN. Shrek dude [Curtis Turner, 41] yell gunman in the crowd! while diving for CD Then he take one in FACE and went down. Then emergency evac alarms start UP and we RAN DA [expletive] AWAY.

In related news, YerCup user HappyBdayBoy113 has created a master timeline detailing police response and new discoveries minute by minute.

Washington Mall gunman identified as Carl Sparrow, fought in GWOT

May 31, 2032 3:25 pm

WASHINGTON, D.C.--People familiar with the investigation into the shooting murder of Chelsea Daye and two other bystanders earlier today tell Associated USoFA Press that the gunman held in the shooting of actress Chelsea Daye and others has been identified as Carl Sparrow, 25. A former Army private who served in Afghanistan and Iraq in the Global War on Terror, Sparrow was killed in the rampage.

At this time, little additional information is known about Sparrow such as his background or his motive in the attack.

Those who provided his name to Associated USoFA Press spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release it publicly.

June 1, FY2032 Associated USoFA Press

GWOT veteran mistakenly identified as Mall shooter shot, killed true shooter

June 1, 2032 8:13 am

Police identified Marine Sgt. Francis Boxer, a recent veteran who has served in Iraq and New Zealand during the Global War on Terror, as the killer of gunman Pvt. Carl Sparrow.

Boxer was first identified yesterday as the gunman at yesterday’s shooting on the National Mall, which resulted in the deaths of former movie star Chelsea Daye, 32, and her bodyguard, Curtis Turner, 41.

According to one eyewitness report, Boxer drew a revolver from his right pants leg and fired, bringing Sparrow down with a single shot to the middle of his chest, killing him instantly and ending the rampage. In the commotion that followed, Cpl. Boxer was arrested and taken to the Washington DC Police Department on L Street NW. After questioning that lasted approximately nine hours, Boxer was released of his own reconnaissance.

Boxer will release a prepared statement later today.

Francis Boxer, Killer of National Mall Gunman: “I’m no hero”

June 1, 2032 11:13 am

Marine Sgt. Francis Boxer, a decorated GWOT veteran who yesterday saved the lives of countless citizens by shooting deranged gunman Carl Sparrow, released a statement today claiming that his actions do not make him a national hero.

It is with reluctance that I must claim to have shot Private Carl Sparrow at yesterday’s peaceful protest on the National Mall. I just happened to be taking a walk on the Mall, coming off of my third tour in the Middle East, when I decided to stop and get a glimpse of the late Chelsea Daye. While it was lucky that I happened to be carrying my personal revolver on me--a weapon for which all registration is available and fully up to date--I can take no credit for my actions. All I can say is that it all happened so fast, and, as my Marine brothers and sisters can attest, one’s training simply takes over in these situations.

I’m no hero and do not wish to be treated as such. However, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my condolences to the family of Chelsea Daye, whose movie work I have always been a huge fan of. I am sorry for your loss.

Boxer is scheduled to attend the State of the Union address later this week, where President Louis Holiday will likely express his admiration for his heroic actions.

Senator cites possible need for tougher gun control

June 1, 2032 4:50 pm

Sen. Mac Devlin (D-Wisc.) held a press conference in Washington this morning, announcing the creation of a Senate subcommittee to address the need for “more vigorous gun laws” in light of the recent shooting of actor Chelsea Daye at the National Mall two yesterday.

“The tragic events that took place on July 4th at the National Mall, resulting in the death of Miss Daye, only highlight the need for a greater degree of gun control in this country,” the Senator said. “For months I have invited my friends in the Senate, Democrat and Republican, to join me in the creation of a bipartisan committee to research the effects of broader, more vigorous background checks for first-time gun purchasers and annual registration requirements for automatic and semi-automatic weapons.”

Devlin was quick to concede that the man responsible for bringing down the shooter was himself armed, saying that Cpl. Francis Boxer’s possession of a legal firearm for personal use has “little to no bearing” on the matter.

“Sergeant Boxer is nothing less than a hero in the eyes of many Americans, including my own,” Sen. Devlin said, “but his actions of the other day strike me as the exception that has proven the rule for too long.”

The 11-member group, formally dubbed The Bipartisan SubCommittee To Reinvigorate U.S. Gun Laws, is made up of four Democratic lawmakers, four Republican lawmakers, and three representatives of the private sector.

The members are:
Sen. Mac Devlin (D-Wisc), chairman
Tasha Orr (R-Ala.), co-chair
Noah Roundtree III (D-Maine), co-chair

Rep. Delbert Cale (R-Conn.)

Sen. Fred Wingo (R-Tex.)

Sen. Keith Dierkoski (R-N.Y.)

Rep. DeShawn Martin (D-Mich.)

Sen. Claire Sheedy (D-Neb.)

Other members of the Senate subcommittee include:
Sheila Cargill, Executive Vice President, Moms Demand Action, Rhode Island Chapter

Walton T. Kreske III, Vice President of Public Affairs, National Rifle Association

Col. Tyler Walsh, United States Army and Systems Analyst with USoFA WorldWide

John Smith's Reaction (on the West Coast)

John Smith wakes

May 31, 2032 8:50 am

(5:50am PST)

Early Monday morning, with the sun yet to visit my small corner of the world, I woke with a start, my heart beating wildly.

Hears about the shooting

May 31, 2032 9:26 am

(6:26am PST)

While tracing the path of a blinking helicopter I received a message from Iris. Chelsea Daye had been shot in Washington.

Learns of her death

May 31, 2032 11:40 am

(8:40am PST)

Another message. Apparently Chelsea had passed while I kept helpless vigil on the other coast of this great nation.