History of Physical Education in the US

History of PE in America

Europe influences America's perspective on school PE

Germany introduces gymnastics apparatus

1700 - 1800

England brings idea of sportsmanship and games

1700 - 1800

Sweden uses lightweight equipment and climbing ropes

1700 - 1800

Cumulatively the three European countries introduce PE to America

1800 - 1831

Introduction of PE in America

Round Hill Private School in MA starts a PE program


Ohio offers first PE program in public school system


California requires students to exercise 2X/day


WWII shapes focus of PE to conditioning instead of games


President's Council of Fitness begins


started when studies showed American children less fit than other nations

Title IX

Women's high school sports growth

1971 - 1995

Women's participation has grown from 294,0000-2.4 million

Richard Nixon signs law


Goal was to prevent gender discrimination in education

Title IX gains momentum

1975 - 2014

Women's participation in athletic opportunities makes huge upward trend

Title IX clothing company


Athletic clothing company honoring women athletes begins and becomes hugely successful

College Sports

More collegiate sports added

1852 - 1859

Crew, baseball, football, tennis, hockey, gymnastics flourish

Collegiate sporting events begin


Penn State Football program reputation marred

2012 - 2013

Respected football coach, Jerry Sandusky, is found to have committed horrific crimes against children, forcing an early retirement and a ruined reputation

Growing football focus

2013 - 2014

current statistics show colleges spending 80,000 and more on its football athletes

PE Philosophies Today

Childhood obesity

1980 - 2014

Childhood obesity doubles in last 30 years bringing PE to the foreground in school programming

PE budgets drop

2000 - 2014

School PE budgets plummet, causing some schools to drop the program altogether

Unique programs

2005 - 2014

Some schools get creative helping kids move using Xbox Dance games

PE not just physical activity

2008 - 2014

PE programs add more well-rounded fitness program to include principles of good health and why fitness is important

Let's Move

2010 - 2014

Michele Obama starts the program to raise a healthier generation of kids.