HY1 Foreign Policy


National Government formed

August 1931

Japanese troops begin military operations in Manchuria

September 1931

World Disarmament Conference in Geneva

February 1932

Lausanne Conference

June 1932 - July 1932

end of reparations

Lord Lytton Commission

October 1932

Report on Manchuria

Hitler became German Chancellor

January 1933

Hitler announced German rearmament

March 1935

Stresa Front

April 1935

Anglo-German Naval Agreement

June 1935

Italy invaded Abyssinia

October 1935

Baldwin's National Government won General Election

November 1935

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The Hoare-Laval Plan

December 1935

Hoare resigned: Eden became foreign secretary.

German troops re-occupied the Rhineland

March 1936

Abyssinia becomes part of the Italian Empire

May 1936

Start of the Spanish Civil War

July 1936