World Cultures Timeline Durwin


Minoan Culture

2000 BC - 1400 BC

Minoan culture lasted from 2000 BC to 400 BC


Mycenean Culture

2000 bc

Mycenean culture begins at around 2000 bc

Trojan War

1200 bc

A war fought between Myceneans and the people of Troy. War fought over Helen, the most beautiful women.


Greek Culture

2000 bc

Greece Culture begins at around 2000 bc. All city-states are not united


1400 bc

Athens becomes a major city in ancient Greece.


1300 bc

Greece city-state Sparta comes to power

Sparta Conquers Messenia

725 bc

Sparta conquers the neighboring land of Messenia. Messenians become helots.

Messenian Revolt

625 bc

Messenians revolt over harsh rule of Spartans


621 bc

Draco develops a legal code for all citizens called the Draconian Law


594 bc

Solon rules and establishes four social classes based on wealth.


500 bc

Cleisthenes makes ten groups based on where you live.

Persian War

490 bc - 476 bc

Persian War was fought between Greece and Persia. The three major battles were Marathon, Thermopylea, and Salamis. Greece ends up winning the war.

Athens Golden Age

477 bc - 431 bc

Age of good economy, the arts, trade, leader of the Delian League.

Pericles Rules

461 bc - 429 bc

Pericles was a skillful politician, inspired speaker, and a respected general. He had three goals, better the democracy, strengthen army, make Athens more beautiful.

Peloponessian War

431 bc - 404 bc

War is between Athens and Sparta. War is on and off. Athens has a plague. Athens defeated officially by Sparta in 404 bc.

King Philip Rules

359 bc - 336 bc

Becomes king at age 23. Philip is from Macedonia. he wants to invade all of Greece and Persia.

Alexander's Reign

336 bc - 323 bc

Alexander is the son of Philip. He conquers Persian and most of Mesopotamia. Formed Hellenistic culture. Conquered 2 million square miles.


Founding Of Rome

753 bc

Romulus and Remus founded Rome

Rome Overthrows Etruscans

509 bc

Rome overthrows Tarquin the Proud.

12 Tables

451 bc

Roman laws carved onto tablets. Become basis for Roman Law.


286 bc

Rome conquers the Italian peninsula.

Punic Wars

264 bc - 146 bc

3 wars between Rome and Carthage. Fought over Sicily. Second Punic War is Hannibal vs. Scipio. 3 major battles. Rome wins all of the wars.

Graccus Brothers

133 bc - 121 bc

Graccus Brothers were murdered for helping the poor.

First Triumvirate

60 bc - 53 bc

Composed of Julius Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey

Second Triumvirate

43 bc - 33 bc

Composed of Octavian, Mark Antony, and Marcus Lepidus

Pax Romana

29 bc - 180 ad

Time of Roman prosperity and peace. Broken when Marcus Aurelius dies


313 ad

Christianity is legalized by emperor Contantine.



330 ad

Constantinople becomes the capital. named after Constantine.


527 ad

Justinian comes to power. Rules with absolute power over the Church and state affairs

Nika Rebellion

532 ad

Mobs rebel against Justinian because of taxes. riots around the city, Government uses violent force.


541 ad

A bubonic plague hits Byzantine that kills thousands.


565 ad

Justinian dies after the plague.