Cold War and Korean War Timeline

Sydney Simon Block 8


Stalin is named Time Magazine's Man of the Year

January 4, 1943

Stalin was praised for getting together the Soviet Union and handling the issues that presented themselves. From the words of Time Magazine, "Joseph Stalin has gone a long way toward deifying himself while alive. No flattery is too transparent, no compliment too broad for him. He became the fountain of all Socialist wisdom" (1/1/40).

Japan Surrenders to Korea

September 1945

The Japanese fight against Korea in support of the communist political division of Korea. The surrender of the Japan caused the Imperial Japanese Army to be incapable of conducting operations to help the communist Korea.

Hollywood 10 Convicted

October 1947

Ten members of the Hollywood Film Industry were convicted of alleged communist influence in the American Motion Picture business. The ten convicted were given jail sentences and banned from the production of any Hollywood Film along with the access to work in the Hollywood Film Studios.

Marshall Plan was signed by Truman

April 3, 1948 - April 3, 1952

The Marshall plan was an American act initiative to aid and help rebuild Europe and it's damages from WWII in order to prevent the spread of Soviet Communism. This is finalized in four years, April 1948.

Truman meets with Russian leader of Poland to discuss the government

April 15, 1948

Truman meets and decides he is determined to take a tougher stance with the Soviets than Roosevelt. This was later named the Potdam conference.

Truman recognizes the government of Israel.

May 15, 1948

Truman's act of recognizing new state Israel as a state now shows the world we are in support of their new found country.

Berlin Airlift begins

June 22, 1948

American, British and French were convinced Stalin would not allow reunification of Germany. The splitting of Germany into two sides, East Germany (German Democratic Republic) and West Germany (Communist East Berlin).

Alger Hiss is sent to jail for perjury

January 21, 1950

Guilty for passing top secret government documents to Whittaker Chambers, lying about it, and denying seeing Chambers since 1937.

McCarthy Announces the list of communists

February 9, 1950

McCarthy announces he has a list of two hundred and five people in society who are in the process of infiltrating Communism in the US State department. This instilled a false sense of security to the American people. In 1933, McCarthy was charged for ruining the reputations of hundreds of innocent citizens and officials.

North Korea invades South Korea

June 25, 1950

The Korean war begins.

MacArthur lands marines near Inchon

September 15, 1950

By landing the Marines near Inchon, MacArthur held the majority of the United Nations grounds, and was able to destroy the city of Inchon.

Truman dismisses MacArthur

April 11, 1951

MacArthur is relieved from his duties in Korea due to the lack of help with the United State's anti-communist movement. He is replaced by General Matthew Ridgeway.

Rosenberg are executed

January 19, 1953

The Rosenberg are convicted of espionage. They were sentenced to death via electric chair April 5. Many people thought this was a result of the the anti-communist feeling in the United States.

Peace treaty signed in Korea

July 27, 1953

The Korea War is over, both sides returned to how they were before the war.

Army-McCarthy Hearings Begin

April 1954

The United States investigates conflict between the United States Army and Joseph McCarthy for bad faith in anti-communism. Charges were pressed for hunting for communists in June of 1954.