Kibbutz Degania Alef and Bet


Land Purchase in the Southwest Galilee area


A group of people from Eastern Europe called the Echradit purchased 3,000 acres in Ummwhich is located in the Southwest of Galilee

The First Kibbutz was established it was called Degania Alef


The founding members wanted to establish a society were everyone was equal and all worked for a common cause. The kibbutz was true communism where everyone shared the fuits of their labor. This kibbutz was started as a farming settlement. 350 dairy cows were purchased for milk and cheese production. Crops included wheat, Almonds, Bananas, Dates, and Avocado Plantations.

Degania Bet is established as the second kibbutz next to Degania Alef


The kibbutz members decided to help establish a second kibbutz settlement next to them to help the new immigrants of the second Aliyah which consisted of mostly Russian Jews fleeing the Pale and the violent pograms.

The Arab Revolt

1936 - 1939

During the Arab revolt Degania Alef and Bet built walls and towers around the kibbutz to protect the fields and the buildings. Many non-kibbutz settlers sought shelter during attacks

Arab-Israeli War


Degania Alef and Bet stopped the Syrian Army from Advancing deeper into Israel's Jordan Valley.

Built Factory to Produce Irrigation Systems


Six Day War


Moshe Dayan one of the greatest military leaders who brought Israel to victory and liberated the David Gate in Israel was born and raised in Degania Alef

Degania Silicone Factory Opens


Built Guest Accomedations in Degania Alef and Bet


To increase the econonomic health of the kibbutz guest houses were built to attract tourist and American students to come and work in the summer. Degania Bet also specialized in organized bicycle tours.

Removal of the Children's Houses


Many kibbutz members decided to do away with the children's houses and raise their children in a traditional family setting. The houses were converted into elder care facilities for eldrely kibbutz members.

Degania Alef and Bet move to Privatization


After much debate both kibbutz settlements voted for privatization. All members needed to get their own jobs and live on their income. No more communal economy.

Degania is accepting new members


In the past you either had to be born or marry inti the kibbutz. Degania Alef and Bet are currently accepting new members and the waiting lists are long!