Timeline of Physical Education


Strathcona Trust


Organized to give funds to provinces with good physical education programs. It was created by the Canadian Government and the money was provided by lord Strathcona.

Contribution of Physical Educators

April 1917 - November 11 1918

Physical Educators worked to provide conditioning programs for the armed forces which were to join the war. This brought an importance to the field of physical education.

Walter Camp

April 1917 - November 11 1918

He worked with United States Military, in order to create a program that helped American soldiers be fit.

"Daily Dozen"

8 April 1917

A set of exercises created by Walter Camp which included "hands, grind, crawl, wave, hips, grate, curl, weave, head, grasp, crouch, and wing."

Physical Education and Programs

Late 1700s-Present

First University with Gym


First Competitive Football Game


First Theoretical Treatise on Physical Education


Published by John Warren, who was a Harvard professor of anatomy and physiology

P.E. Mandatory in Schools


First state to make it mandatory was California.



A book written by Kenneth Cooper which presented a point system for the improvement of the cardiovascular system.

Get Active

9/2/2010 - 06/30/2014

Educational web page with the goal of educating people on the benefits of physical activity.

P.E. Today

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act


Provides for special services in public schools.

No Child Left Behind


It ended up harming physical education as funds for schools were lowered.

American Kinesiology Association


Incorporate Nutrition Education & Physical Education into the Curriculum

9/2/2010 - 07/19/2014

This aims to have the current generation of kids to learn about proper nutrition and exercise so that they can be healthier later in their lives.

William G. Anderson

First Secretary of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Dance.

Association for the Advancement of Physical Education


A new profession was created.

Expansion of P.E. Teacher Programs

1976 - 1978

Teaching programs now started to include: Adapted Physical Education and Exercise Science.

Health Studies Return


Program returns to the American Alliance for Health.

College and Graduate School Programs


Community Health, Physical Education, Health and Physical Education, Sport Management, and Health Education.