Italy Timeline

Italy Timeline with US. APUSH, Pd. 2 February 2014


First Settlers

800 BC - 600 BC

Greeks, Etruscans and others settle in Italy.

Rome is Founded

735 BC

Rome is founded. This marks the beginning of the Roman Kingdom.


Julius Caesar begins Rule

100 BC - 44 BC

The monarchy is overthrown, and Rome becomes a republic. From 46 to 44 B.C., Julius Caesar rules as dictator.

Augustus becomes the first emperor of Rome

31 BC - 14 AD

Augustus becomes the first emperor of the Roman Empire. He is Julius Caesar's grand-nephew and adopted son.

Foreign control

1559 - 1796

After the devastating Italian wars, the country sees a period of relative peace under Habsburg rule, first Spanish then Austrian-controlled. Meanwhile the discovery of the Americas and new routes to Asia, the rise of the Ottoman Empire and repeated bouts of the plague all contribute to Italy's economic decline.


Roman armies invade Europe

246 BC - 146 BC

The Roman armies begin to invade their neighbors and successfully build allies in the defeated cities. A victorious war over the Carthage Empire gives Rome control of mainland Greece, Spain, most of North Africa and some of Asia minor.


Height of the Roman Empire

31 BC - 300 AD

During Hadrian's rule, 76 = 138, the Empire's reach was its farthest, from Britain and Germany in the north, across the Balkans to Syria, Lebanon and Palestine in the east, North Africa in the south and Spain in the west. Great feats of engineering and architecture, such as the Coliseum, are built during this time.