Cyrille LALOY - Resume

Thank you for watching. The timeline is easy to move with the mouse. It is best seen with the "2 years" zoom. --- Blue COLOR stands for Internet and Computer, Green for Pedagogy, and Orange for Other --- Please feel free to contact me for any detail you wish, at (cyrille dot laloy at gmail dot com)


(COLORS' meaning)

  • blue for Internet and Computer
  • green for Pedagogy
  • orange for Language and other.

First-aid worker

08/01/1995 - 08/31/1995

Lifeguard at the SNSM (French national sea-rescue association ), Calvados, France (summer 1995)

Press internship

09/01/1995 - 09/29/1995

At Arabies , a news monthly on Middle East and the Arabic world based in Paris.
I created the magazine's contents archive (first) digital database, for the upcoming Internet and “Big data” era.

Military duties

10/02/1995 - 05/04/1996

As a tank scout in France's land forces.


08/01/1998 - 08/31/1998

Swimming pool, Versailles.


07/01/1999 - 08/31/1999

Swimming pool, Versailles.

Home teacher

10/01/1999 - 06/09/2000

Working at Acadomia Paris, I taught Mathematics, History, Geography and English for students in the Eight year and final grade (14 and 17 years old).
They obtained their diplomas with a grade B.

Educator of young in school-dropout

10/04/1999 - 12/17/1999

I worked at the Maison pour tous de Malakoff (92), France.
It has been a real formative work experience: Helping young peoples very different one from another, getting them to either see their own interest, retain self-confidence or bypass real intellectual difficulties to learning French and Mathematics.

Internet correspondent

01/03/2000 - 06/30/2000

For Etnoka , a start-up empowering students through tested "good plans" in Paris, with 30000 members at the time.
I searched for usefull addresses and informations that I selected and summarized online.

Guide, USA

06/12/2000 - 10/27/2000
  • Guide animator and driver for tourist groups of 5-9 people, Suntrek Tours , California, USA
  • Pedicab Driver and guide in old San Francisco, at Zap! company (a pedicab is a convertible man powered taxi for up to three persons)

Sys-admin & trainer

10/01/2001 - 06/30/2009

As a member of Citudor": and "Calvix associations (Caen, France) I had the opportunity to
* Build a safe « Internet room » for the residents at the Young Workers Hostel:
A computer « kiosk » i.e. six easy-to-use internet-connected computers unmodifiable by end users, with distant administration, a proxy and a firewall. All was made from used hardware. I trained two youngs until they mastered the software and were able to improve it. Below is a report made by local newspaper Ouest France as of December 9, 2005.
* Develop « Guides-info », a website to help users choosing and using open source software, which I updated from 2001 to 2010. The website served as as a testing and learning tool for SEO, design and Javascript techniques.
Also created a bilingual French / Chinese internet portal built on Zope/Plone2 (Python), which was self-administered, hosted and sustained various internet attacks without dammage.
* Create multimedia CDs to help our foreigners friends learning French through music.

Web developer

03/01/2004 - 04/30/2004

PHP, MySQL, design and SEO man for Frendy, a real estate company providing services for American visitors to Paris (one of the sites' archive: ).
I also managed file sharing between Windows and Linux computers, using Samba.

Web developer & project manager

01/04/2005 - 12/31/2013

LLiseil Web agency:
* Wordpress, Joomla integration and design for interconnected, well referenced online communication projects, to support companies, administrations and associations goals (portfolio ).
* e-visibility and communication through semantics, SEO": and "social media optimization": , "SEM (Google Adwords), cross posting and ROI measurement
* Web content accessibility on mobiles and for disabled people (WAI ).

Professional trainer

10/16/2006 - 12/30/2013

At LLiseil , for companies, administrations and associations:
* Internet : Joomla! and Wordpress content management systems, Virtuemart e-shops, Social media (Facebook, Twitter…), SEO techniques and tools, Collaborative and Cloud computing tools easing project management, Data backup and sharing.
* System and network : Firewall, proxy, secured incremental backups over the network, remote control and presentation, FTP, SSH… on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
* Desktop publishing : Create a wide range of printed matter such as flyers, newspaper and newsletter on Windows©, Linux or Mac OS X, using Scribus.

Digital photography & storytelling workshop

07/11/2009 - 07/31/2009

A village's Youth Summer Camp, West Bank
* Children aged 14-16 who barely used a camera or a computer before.
* Means: the kids' enthusiasm, 3 cameras, the village school's old computers (of which I could upgrade some), and the very effective help of talented students from the village, we achieved:
* Result: taught the kids photography basics (e.g. light and shadow, framing a scene and subject), digital pictures management and the selection process to tell a story. They produced drawings , as well as a slideshow of their own pictures presenting the village and its youth; its projection in front of all their comrades and dozens of internationals at the end of the Youth Summer Camp was kind of an achievement!
* Limits: time, electrical issues, lack of an Internet connection, kids' youngness, and language made it a challenge!

Photo-journalism & Web publication workshop

07/24/2010 - 08/11/2010

A town's Youth Summer Camp, West Bank
* students aged 16 to 20 years
* Means and results: My students learned photo basics (light, framing, shooting moving subjects), digital photo organization, selection as well as their publication on their own Flickr account Beit Ummar Kids": . Beside, I made them meet with a professional photo-journalist, with students at the "Phoenix school": video classes in Deheishe – Bethlehem, and attend the final projection of the excellent short movies produced by Al-Arrub youngs within "Re-imagine": workshop, where they met the animators from Voices Beyond Walls and "EJE . A Scottish association that we contacted continued the workshop after a few months.
* Limits: The good human and technical conditions that we met during the workshop kind of missed after my departure.

Refugee camp & town's Accommodation & Cultural Activities Project

04/20/2011 - 05/31/2011
  • Content and goal: Provide alternative tourism, cultural activities, exchange and accommodation to Foreign visitors through visits, theater and musical representations, sale of crafts and cookery by talented youth from both places. Along with some income and real occasions for the participants to further develop their talents and be proud of their rich heritage and history.
  • Participants: ten talented men and women (musicians, stage director, singer, dabkeh dancers, accountant, Web designer) for the main team. Main partners: Al-Arroub Women Center; Beit Omar Eshraqa Youth Organization, Palestinian Solidarity Project.
  • Communication: Web-based plus direct through alternative tourism agencies, associations and schools in France (as a start).
  • Funding: ENPI with a budget of €50,000 part of EU Commission Strategy for Culture in the Mediterranean Region (ref. EuropeAid/131210/L/ACT/PS).
  • Results: After six weeks of hard work by the whole team, the project remains in a state of potential, as I was unable to have the persons in charge of the communication sending me the mandatory documents on time, to complete our proposal and send it to the ENPI on due time.

See more pictures of the planned activies


Bachelor's degree

09/16/1991 - 06/14/1996

School : Faculty of History, Caen, France
Diploma: Licence (Bachelor's degree) of History and Geography.

Modern Arabic

09/21/1992 - 05/28/1997

School : Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Caen, France.
Diploma: Certificate of success
We had an exceptionnally gifted professor of Syrian origin.


09/26/1994 - 06/02/1995

One year training for First Aid and lifeguard
School: SNSM (French national sea-rescue association )
Diploma: First Aid National certificate and National First Aid and Lifeguard certificate (BNSSA )

Modern Arabic, Egypt

06/07/1997 - 09/15/1997

School: International Language Institute in Cairo

Content: One month of intensive courses, followed by another two months immersion in the Egyptian society thanks to local friends: From Cairo to Marsah Matrouh and villages from the Nile valley to the Delta, this has been a milestone” in my life, feeling “at home” (e.g. understanding and being understood at a deep level) quicker and further more than I could possibly have imagined, in most places and with most of the people, be it into the villages or in Cairo.
Diploma: Certificate of success


09/21/1998 - 05/31/2000

School : Faculty of History and Institute of Geography at the Université Paris I la Sorbonne": , IUFM de Paris (university institutes for teacher education "Institut universitaire de formation des maîtres" [IUFM] in French renamed "ESPE de Paris as of September 2013).

Diploma : Master's degree of History and CAPES of History and Geography

Note: I followed the whole course on a netbook and was part of the first French teachers group collaborating through the Web to better use digital tools and ressources for our teaching.

Internet development, CNAM

09/03/2001 - 01/30/2003

School : CNAM (French National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts )

Content: Internet client Programming – Internet Architecture – Systems and Network – Web Graphics.

Diploma: Certificates of success for all courses.


09/01/2003 - 04/30/2004

School: Groupe FIM

Content: To design, realize and promote a B to B and a B to C website. From Network protocols and security to the Paiement methods, legal background or Marketing research and strategy. The whole courses was delivered by active Internet professionals.

Diploma: Cybermarketer has an academic equivalence to a Master's degree.