Origins of Cold War


West Support Whites in Civil War


The Western capitalists supported the Whites in the Civil War. This was some of the earliest evidence for Stalin that capitalism and communism were not going to get along

Molotov Ribbentrop Pact

August 1939

Alliance between USSR and Germany that led to greater distrust of USSR by US


February 1945
  • discussing what to do with Germany after its defeat
  • getting the USSR to enter the war against Japan
  • discussing what would happen with Poland

End of WWII

May 1945


July 1945
  • "Bad Temper" Conference
  • Truman had replaced FDR; wanted to get tough with the Communists; held a different view of Stalin/ Communism than FDR did
  • The Trinity Test occurred during Potsdam
    • Stalin already knew its existence
    • The US hoped the atomic bomb could be used as leverage

Stalin's Declaration of War

February 9, 1946

Election speech

Truman's Declaration of War

March 5, 1946

Truman's Iron Curtain specch

Truman Doctrine

March 12, 1947

• The US would provide aid to Greece and Turkey
$250 million to Greece
$150 million to Turkey

• Truman Doctrine would commit the US to “containing” communism around the world

Marshall Plan

June 1947 - 1951

Lasted for around 4 years

Long Telegram

July 1947

Sent to State Department in February 1946

Berlin Blockade

June 24, 1948 - May 11, 1949