Physical Education throughout History

Create a time line using the Preceden tool that contains at least 20 different important "happenings" in the development and study of physical education. Choose 4-5 main events (ie. Title IX) and list 4-5 happenings or events under your main five. Example Title IX would be 1 of 5 main events. Then, list 4-5 events that occurred as a result of Title IX.


William G. Anderson at Adelphi Academy

1885- William G. Anderson, first secretary of the now American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD), invited local clergy, school principals, members of the news media, college presidents, and physical training instructors that totaled to be 60 guests.

Association for the Advancement of Physical Education Formed

November 17, 1885

As a result of this meeting, a new profession was created with this association.

Expanding PE Teacher Programs

1976 - 1978

Now includes programs outside of traditional teaching: Sport Management, Adapted Physical Education and Exercise Science.

Health Studies Returns


Program is returned to Department

Today's Undergrad/ Grad Programs


Health Education, Community Health, Physical Education, Health and Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education, Sport Management Exercise Science, and a youth sport program.

Physical Education Emerges

Late 1700s, first teachings of PE

First Private Swimming Pool Built


Philadelphia, PA

First University with Gym


Harvard University, Massachusetts

First Competitive Football Game


First Theoretical Treatise on Physical Education


Published by John Warren, a Harvard professor of anatomy and physiology

First Game of the Sexes

1864 - Park Place Croquet Club in Brooklyn

PE Mandated in Schools


California is the first state and schools across the country implemented it 30 years after.

Boston Conference on Interest of Physical Training


This new profession of PE gets national attention

7 Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education


Physical education with children's development

HPER Founded


School of health, physical education and recreation

Modernization of Physical Education

1968 - Special Olympics Begin

Olympic Boycott


United States led boycott of summer games in the Soviet Union

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Enacted


Special services are provided in public schools

No Child Left Behind


Formation harms the health of youth as funds for physical education are lowered

American Kinesiology Association Established

February 8, 2007 - February 9, 2007