JOURNEY MAP - Arturo Canales

My journey from 1956 to 2011


Birth of Arturo Canales


Birth of Arturo Canales - San Antonio Texas

Living in San Antonio as a child

07/04/1956 - 07/31/1975


Life Change

Death of Mother

12/23/1966 - 12/24/1966

Mother dies right before Christmas 1966

Lost and Confused

12/24/1966 - 08/01/1969

Confused. Skipping school, running with gangs, staying out all night.


Grades Bad Dropping - C Average. Capable of a A average

08/01/1969 - 03/01/1972

Running with gangs at night

08/01/1969 - 08/01/1974

Confused and looking for a family. Found it with the gang.

Entered High School


Entered High School. Barely made it out of Junior High.

WAKE UP - Teacher talks to me. Changes my life


Teacher speaks to me.


Take the plunge. Changing my lifestyle.

Start participating in religious activities after school


Decided to seek out God for guidance.

Get my head on straight.


Teachers Help With My Studies

07/01/1972 - 06/01/1974

Seek help from teachers. They help me until I graduate.

Join ROTC - Drill Team Member

07/01/1972 - 06/01/1974

Join the drill team and start practicing during the Summer. Year around participation.

Trials and Tribulations

Hard Times

Dad Drinking Heavy

01/01/1967 - 07/15/1990

Father starts drinking and doesn't stop until his death in 1990.

No electricity and no water

08/01/1969 - 08/01/1974

Father doesn't pay the bills. Living in a home without water or electricity. Getting water in buckets from a nearby park and electricity using extension from next door.

State helps pay for my lunch

08/01/1969 - 06/01/1974

Poor and in school. Lunch program and night job help feed me.

Washing dishes at night to survive

01/01/1970 - 08/01/1974

Worked washing dishes to help make it. Buying my own clothes, food, and gas.
08/01/1969 - 08/01/1974

Living by myself in one rented room

03/01/1970 - 12/01/1974

Aunt helps me get a one room place in an old 3 story house. It keeps me away from trouble.


Old patterns left behind.

Grades start improving and continue until graduation

03/01/1970 - 06/01/1974

Re-establish relationship with Father and Sisters


I decide I need to renew my relationship with my family in order to get my own life in order and move forward.

Begin to end the gang life


Decide I need to give up the gang life.

Decide to Join Marine Corps


The Marine Corps is my answer to leaving San Antonio and getting out of my old past life.


Enlightenment - Life Changing

Join the Marines


Learn and practice that Education is Everything

08/24/1974 - 07/31/2011

Learn to Lead Men

08/24/1974 - 08/24/1980

Marine Corps teaches me how to lead

Learn to get along with my family

08/24/1974 - 07/31/2011

Find that loving someone does not include assuming their problems.

Start taking college courses at night


My education starts with one night course at Saddleback University in California


Introduce life lessons. Combine all the parts to make a whole.

Educational Tools Acquired

08/01/1969 - 07/31/2011

High School Graduation, Associates in Computer Programming, Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, and Masters in Technology and Education

Fill my toolbox with knowledge and experence tools

08/01/1969 - 07/31/2011

Continue to use and share what I learned

08/01/1969 - 07/31/2011

As a manager, husband, father, and friend.

Learn to be Happy

08/01/1969 - 07/31/2011

Learn to be happy and I don't need to have others drag me down.


Put my life's worth of knowledge to practice

Use my education to educate and train others

08/24/1980 - 07/31/2011

Listen to employees instead of chastising them

08/24/1980 - 07/31/2011

Throughout my career I have practiced this, but this year I have made an extra effort.

Use Technology Integration skills to create CPI environments

03/25/2006 - 07/31/2011

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) efforts involvement with Government IT Dept.

Volunteer Teaching


Going to work at local school as volunteer teacher 1 day a week.