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Emperor Solis

1197 BC - 781 BC

General Maelstrom

818 BC - 742 BC


641 BC - 579 BC


476 BC - 414 BC

Brass Note


Ivory Keys

03/09/945 - 09/10/988



Headstrong and tough, Frostbite braved the frozen wastes of the northern provinces since she was a filly. As she grew older, she continued her father's work of uncovering precious gems and metals in the mountains for use by all of Equestria.



Although quiet and shy in her appearance, Shade is anything but a pushover. Her training as an agent in the Equestrian Raven's Society since she was 12 has made her an effective agent, spy, and assassin.


06/06/980 - 07/24/1001

Since she was born, Rubie had always shown vast potential in her magic powers, rivaling the strength of her parents when she was just a filly. Unfortunately, her fanatic views of the Equestrian society will lead her down a villainous path later in her life.



Tuxedo Charm


White Noise


Silver Aegis






A modest unicorn with a knack for engineering, Jade was never the best at magic, or even mediocre. Although her lack of magic abilities, and social anxieties try to hold her back, she manages to pull off more than any in her family before her.

Silver Bells






Born in the streets of Fillydelphia a poor young mare, Spark traveled along with a band of traders who treated her very harshly. Fortunately, Jade is able to rescue her from the clutches of her "guardians", and the two become inseparable,


Solis Empire

1163 BC - 615 BC

The Solis Empire was a flourishing center for commerce and trade back before Equestria was even a notion. For 1000 years, it boasted the strongest economy, military, and society of any around, leaving the surrounding areas like future Equestria filled with nothing but simple tribes and villages. Although the empire would stay strong for centuries, its own people would prove to be its downfall.

Lazulii Empire (Western Solis Empire)

615 BC - 522 BC

Scrambling to recover from a crippling rebellion, the supposed prince of what was to be the Solis empire, Prince Haldrin, had lost much of his land to Avaritia, and, despite holding onto the eastern portion, is eventually finished off nine decades later.

Sapphex Empire (Eastern Solis Empire)

615 BC - 414 BC

After a rebellion by the Western Province of the Solis Empire, Archmage Avaritia is able to assert her dominance, splitting the empire in two. The Sapphex Empire would however, continue to stay strong as its empire before it did, but a creeping darkness would bring soon begin to weaken its infrastructure, and also be the lands final blow.

Old Crystal Empire

342 BC - 540

The Old Crystal Empire, led by King Sombra.


326 BC - 1500

The Principality of Equestria.

Lunar Empire

1 AD - 1000

The Lunar Empire, created and led by Nightmare Moon.

Changeling Empire

221 - 1500

The Changeling Empire, led my Queen Chrysalis.

Crystal Empire

541 - 1500

The New Crystal Empire under Princess Cadence and Shining Armor.

Sanguine Empire

922 - 1001

Hardly an empire at all, the members of this regime are led by the vicious Lord Scythe, a former baron blinded by power, transformed into a changeling. He, along with Rubie later on, plot Equestria's downfall from an enclave within the former Sapphex Empire.

Bandit League

972 - 1034

The Bandit League was formed originally by Sonny Carpenter as a form of protest against Celestia, when he and other farms in the outer reaches of Equestria felt neglected after receiving little attention after repeated attacks by monsters from the Everfree Forest. The villagers rose up and fought back the Everfree themselves, afterwards denouncing Celestia for her supposed blindness to the problems they had faced, and formed a loosley knit brotherhood throughout Equestria with other bandit gangs.


981 - 1037

Lunar Republic

01/02/1000 - 1500

Lunar Republic, led by Princess Luna.

Sanguine Circle

1001 - 1005

Following the death of Rubie and disappearance of Lord Scythe, the Sanguine Empire was in shambles. Despite the threat of collapse, one radical unicorn by said he had a vision of a darkness enveloping the land very soon, and said they must stick together if they are to honor the darkness and be spared.

Events of Importance

Roam Founded

1163 BC

Emperor Solis I Founds The Solis Empire

1163 BC

Emperor Solis I, a strong and respected alicorn from a growing tribe in modern day south Equestria, founds the city of Solistarr.

Solistarr Founded

1003 BC

Constallionople Founded

832 BC

The Spire Founded

689 BC

Darkness Begins Overtaking Sapphex

573 BC

From the depths of the darkest regions of the Sapphex Empire, a darkness begins to grow.

Baron is Assasinated

414 BC

The last leader of the Sapphex Empire, Baron, is assassinated. The murderer is never found. With no heir to the throne, and a darkness around the town that was no longer containable, many residence of the empire begin to flee.

Remaining Residents of Sapphex Evacuate

412 BC

After only 2 years, the last holdouts under Sapphex control give up, and leave the area after the shadow continues to overtake more and more of the land. The shadows stop spreading near the border however, for reasons unknown.

Jade's Grandfather is Assasinated


Jade's Grandfather is assassinated, likely due to his radical beliefs.

Jade Leaves Her Home


After no longer bearable harassment at school and a disappointed family, Jade abandons her home for other places.

Jade meets Spark


Jade steals Spark from her captors, a group of merchants who had been abusing her.

Jade meets Shade


Shade saves Jade and Spark from a bandit ambush in the woods, telling them she was sent by The Ravens to be Jade's bodyguard as she travels south to the Sanguine Empire.

Rubie is killed at The Battle of The Spire


Rubie is defeated by Jade at The Spire.


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