Vasi Mala'Ika



June 13, 1342

Born Vasil son of Arda

Pelopenesian Exodus


Parents forced to move to Constantinople from Peleponese

Parents Death


Both of his parents succumbed to the Black Death within two weeks of each other.

Lived on the streets of Constantinople

1351 - 1353

Vasi quickly learned how to survive on the streets before retreat to Bursa.

Lived on the streets of Bursa

1353 - 1362

Lived on the streets of Bursa. It was harder here. The gangs were more cliquish and Vasi had to do bigger jobs to get more street cred.

Fled to Bursa


Vasi took his street gang and fled Constantinople to Bursa, where they attempted to make a name for themselves.

Thieves Guild Initiation

June 1, 1358

Vasi joined the local thieves guild after stealing jewels from a wealthy noble mans wife.

Organized and Ran new Thieves Guild

1363 - 1380

Vasi organized and helped run the new thieves guild in Thessaloniki. His organization of street rats and orphans dubbed him the title "Rat King" because he had the youth of the streets under his sway.

Moves to Thessaloniki


Curious about his home country, and hearing about the Zealots there, Vasi ran away from his sire and disappeared into the streets of the Greek town where he organized the orphans and those who lived on the streets.

Lived in Venice

1430 - 1450

Vasi moved to Venice with his sire, who was attempting to gain help from their court to defend Constantinople from the Ottoman siege. They stayed for 20 years. During this time Vassi spent most of his time with his sire, though he'd sneak out from time to time and steal from the rich, seldom getting caught.

Travels to Tunesia

1450 - 1455

Vasi is given the opportunity to travel to Africa. He takes his time, seeing most of Italy on his sires dime. The trek to the coast takes 4 and a half years. it then takes a little over two weeks to travel over the sea to Nabeul, making a pit stop in Pantelleria for a few days.

Traveled Northern Africa

1456 - 1500

Vasi traveled Northern Africa with his friends looking for treasure and advanture, finally ending up in Morocco in 1500.

Moves to Tangier


Vasi moves to Tangier with the offer of a job running illegal merchandise back and forth between Spain and Morocco.


Time in Orphanage

1350 - 1351

Vasi spent a year in an orphanage. He equated it more to living in a prison. On the anniversary of his parents death, he ran away.


April 13, 1360

Embraced by a mysterious woman in blue.


1380 - 1430

Put into torpor by the Hound of Thessaloniki for attempting to sabotage the Empires attempts to regain the city.

Released to Sires Custody


After the Ottoman Empire took Thessaloniki, Vasi was unstaked and tried in the local court. His sire attended the trial and spoke for him, saying that he hadn't been released. He was remanded to her custody.

Released from Sire


After proving himself and gaining acknowledgement from the court of Venice, Vasi was released from his sire.

Last Torpor Cycle

September 1, 1818 - December 29, 2013

Forced into Torpor by Childe after a string of missing persons is tied to Vasi.

Historic Events

Black Death travels to Constantinople


In 1347, the Black Death spread to Constantinople. From historical descriptions, as much as 40% of the population of Constantinople died from the plague.

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