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Farmers in Greece and China appear

2000 BC

Confucius is born

551 BC

The Olmec civilization starts disappearing

500 BC - 400 BC

The Peloponnesian War

435 BC - 404 BC

Span of the Maurya Empire

272 BC - 230 BC

Shi Huangdi builds the Great Wall of China under the Qin Dynasty

230 BC

Wudi expands the Han Dynasty and creates the Silk Road

141 BC

Julius Caesar is born

100 BC

Cilla becomes general dictator of Rome

82 BC

Rome conquer Judah and exile the Jews

63 BC

Caesar is assassinated

44 BC

Jesus is born

3 AD

The peak of the Maya civilization

250 AD - 900 AD

Span of the Chandra Gupta II empire

375 AD - 415 AD

The Anasazi tribe appear in the Utah area

400 AD

Tenochtitlan becomes capital of the Aztec empire

1375 AD

Iroquois tribe appear

1400 AD

Montezuma II becomes ruler of the Aztecs

1502 AD

Herman Cortez kills Montezuma II and conquers Tenochtitlan

1519 AD - 1521 AD

The reincarnation of Jesus Christ is born


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The 1st dynasty of China, the Shang Dynasty begins

1766 BC



The Great Pyramid of Giza begins construction

2584 BC

Ramses II comes into power in Egypt

1279 BC


The Trojan War begins

1200 BC

The Mycenaean empire falls in Greece

1200 BC

Homer writes the Iliad and the Odyessy

850 BC

The first Olympics in Greece

776 BC


Sumer, the first civilization of Mesopotamia, appears

3500 BC

Cuneiform develops in Sumer

3200 BC

Hammurabi's code in Babylon is established

1792 BC

Nebuchadnezzar II's rule begins

605 BC


The Olmec civilization appears in Meso-America

1500 BC


Moses leads the Jews out of Egypt

1250 BC

Israel seperates into two kingdoms

922 BC