Timeline of Imperial China

Imperial China

Qin Dynasty- Sub Government

221 B.C.E - 206 B.C.E

From 221 to 206 B.C.E, the Qin dynasty ruled over China. The Qin dynasty unified China under an emperor.

Han Dynasty- Meritocracy

206 B.C.E - 220 C.E

The Han dynasty is a dynasty that ruled from 206 B.C.E to 220 C.E. The dynasty led a peaceful and ordered age for China.

Six Dynasties

220 - 581

Six dynasties ruled china from220 C.E to 581 C.E. These six dynasties caused an era of pandemonium and outbreak.

Sui Dynasty- Absolute Monarchy

589 C.E. - 618 C.E.

Sui Dynasty ruled over China from 589 to 618 C.E. The Sui Dynasty helped reunite China.

Tang Dynasty- Aristocracy

618 C.E. - 907 C.E.

The tang dynasty ruled form 618 to 907 C.E. This was a time of economic growth and and advancement in technology.

Five Dynasties in the North Ten Kingdoms in the South

907 C.E. - 970 C.E

Five dynasties ruled in the north while ten kingdoms ruled in the south. This happened during 907 to 970 C.E.

Song Dynasty- Meritocracy

960 C.E. - 1279 C.E.

The Song Dynasty ruled from 960-1279 C.E. This led to economic development and advances in technology.

Yuan Dynasty- Government by Foreigners

1279 C.E. - 1368 C.E.

The Yuan Dynasty controlled China from 1279 to 1368 C.E.The Mongols controlled China at this point.

Ming Dynasty- Government

1368 C.E. - 1644 C.E.

The Ming Dynasty ruled from 1368 to 1644 C.E. This led to China accepting foreign influences, and the end of dynasties.