Art History 2300 FINAL




-386 St Augustine is converted. He is the first to write about the new religion.
-City of God
-Confessions: "Mind commands body and is instantly obeyed. Mind commands itself and meets resistance."
-fused ancient Greco-Roman philosophies to assure Christianity kept the mind in mind- FAITH CAN BE REASONED*

Summa Theologica

1265 - 1274

-St. Thomas Aquinas
-Aristotle's terminology and methods (collecting, categorizing, codifying, comparing) and interest in taking the whole to learn answers. 500 questions. Writes thousands of articles. Also works on light.
-Started the Jesuits- schools- kids grow up Catholic
-Wounded in Crusades- became a crusader for Christian education

Madonna Enthroned- Cimabue

1280 - 1290

-Early Italian Renaissance

Maesta (Madonna Enthroned)


-Cappo di Marcovaldo
-Late Medieval Period

*Arena Chapel


-Early Italian Renaissance
-Padua, Italy
-Patron: Enrico Scrovegni

-includes Lamentation



-Early Italian Renaissance
-Arena Chapel @ Padua, Italy
-Patron: Enrico Scrovegni

The Maesta Altarpiece: Virgin and Child Enthroned Panel

1308 - 1311

-Early Italian Renaissance
-Sienna Cathedral

Madonna Enthroned- Giotto


-Early Italian Renaissance

The Black Death

1340 - 1350

-wipes out the vast majority of Europe
-restores religious fervor, which leads to monumental art creation shit.

Sacrifice of Isaac(s)

1401 - 1402

-Brunelleschi and Ghiberti
-Early Italian Renaissance
-Florence Baptistry @ the Duomo @ Florence, Italy
-Patron: Woolworker's Guild

Brunelleschi discovers linear perspective


-after losing the commission for the Baptistry Doors to Ghiberti, Brunelleschi done up and R.U.N.N.O.F.T. to Rome to travel and draw famous buildings and shit. He returns to Florence to build the Duomo over the Florence Cathedral. His interest in painting is renewed, so he returns to the site of his original defeat at the Baptistry Doors. He paints the Baptistry, drills a hole in the back of the painting, stands in front of the baptistry with a mirror facing the painting and himself, and BAM, discovers vanishing point, distance point, horizon line, orthagonals, transversals, etc.

Brancacci Chapel

1425 - 1427

-Masaccio and Masolino (master)
-Early Italian Renaissance
-Santa Maria del Carmine @ Florence, Italy
-Patron: Pietro Brancacci

-includes The Expulsion of Adam and Eve(s) and Tribute Money


1426 - 1427

-Early Italian Renaissance
-Santa Maria Novella
-Patron: Domenico Lenzi

The Expulsion of Adam and Eve... and Tribute Money


-Early Italian Renaissance
-Brancacci Chapel @ Santa Maria del Carmine @ Florence, Italy
-Patron: Pietro Brancacci

*Ghent Altarpiece


-Jan van Eyck
-Early Northern Renaissance
-St Bavo Cathedral @ Ghent, Belgium (Flanders)
-Patron: Jodicus Vijd



-Fra Angelico
-Early Italian Renaissance
-Santa Marco Monastery @ Florence, Italy

The Last Supper

1495 - 1497

-Italian High Renaissance
-Refectory of Santa Maria della Coraze @ Milan, Italy
-Patron: Ludivico Sforza

Mona Lisa


-Italian High Renaissance
-Patron: Francesco del Gioconda



-Italian High Renaissance
-Palazzo Vecchio @ Florence, Italy
-Patron: City Council (Signoria) of Florence

Libyan Sibyl, Creation of Adam, (and Eve,) Temptation and Expulsion

1508 - 1512

-Italian High Renaissance
-Sistine Chapel Ceiling
-Patron: Pope Julius II

Sistine Chapel Ceiling

1508 - 1512

-Italian High Renaissance
-Patron: Pope Julius II (della Rovere)

School of Athens

1508 - 1511

-Italian High Renaissance
-Stanza della Segnatura @ Vatican
-Patron: Pope Julius II

Pope Clement VII sieges on Florence

1530 - 1531

-because of Reformation pressure. Florence tries to succeed and outlaw the Medicis, his family. Bodies piled waist-high rotting in the streets. Some of Michelangelo's family is killed. M hates Pope Clement VII. 1534 Pope demands M paint behind altar of Sistine Chapel. M refuses to call him "pope" and kiss the ring and kneel and stuff. BACKSASS

Madonna of the Long Neck



The Last Judgement

1534 - 1541

-Italian High Renaissance
-Sistine Chapel
-Patron: Pope Clement VII (started) and Pope Paul III (ended)

-Pope Clement VII=Juliano Medici- grew up with M and hurt his feeling after killing everyone

Venus of Urbino


-Italian High Renaissance
-Venice, Italy
-Patron: Guidobaldo della Rovere (related to Pope Julius II), Duke of Urbino

Vasari's Lives


-Giorgio Vasari
-celebrates artists
-Cimabue was Giotto's master. Giotto usurped him. Vasari picks up. artist= "master" and "genius"
-Cimabue is walking and sees young Giotto tending his flocks and drawing pictures of his sheepen. He takes him in as a student. Giotto is brilliant and is taken to the Vatican before the Pope, where he draws a perfect circle free-handed.
-previously, only gods and politicians were praised.

Pope Clement VIII outlaws nudity

1590 - 1600