Old Testiment Timeline

Jonathan Jeet


Abraham is born

2166 BC

Abraham travels to canaan

2091 BC

Gen 12:1-9

Isaac is born

2066 BC

Gen 21:1-7

Jacob and Esau are born

2006 BC

Gen 25:19-26

Jacob flees to Haran

1929 BC

Gen 28:10-22

Joseph is born

1915 BC

Gen 30:22-24

Joseph sold into slavery

1898 BC

Gen 37:18-36

Joseph rules Egypt

1885 BC

Gen 41:37-57

Jacob moves to Egypt

1876 BC

Gen 46:1-27

Joseph Dies

1805 BC

Gen 50:14-21

Moses is born

1526 BC

Exodus 2:1-10

The Exodus

1446 BC

Ex 12:31-42

The second passover

1445 BC

Numb 9:1-14

The ten Commandments Given

1445 BC

Isreal refuses to enter Canaan

1443 BC

Numb 13:25-33

Moses Dies

1406 BC

Deut 34:1-12

Joshua leads Israel into Canaan

1406 BC

Judges begin to rule in Israel

1376 BC

Deborah becomes Israel's Judge

1209 BC

Gideon becomes Israels Judge

1162 BC

Samuel is born

1105 BC

Samuel becomes Israels final Judge

1075 BC

Saul becoms king

1050 BC

David is annointed as King

1025 BC

David becomes King in Judah

1020 BC

David defeats Goliath

1020 BC

David becomes King over all Israel

1003 BC

David sins with Bathsheba

997 BC

Solomon begins building the temple

970 BC

Solomon becomes King

970 BC

The temple is completed

960 BC

Israel devides into two nations

930 BC

Elijah begins his ministry

875 BC

Ahab Dies in battel

853 BC

Elisha begins his ministry

848 BC

Jonah begins his ministry

793 BC

Amos begins his ministry

760 BC

Assyria destroys Samaria

722 BC

Sannacharib taunts Hezekiah

701 BC

Jerimiah Begins his ministry

627 BC

Daniel taken to Babylon

605 BC

Ezekiel taken to captivity in Babylon

597 BC

Babylon destroys Jeruslem

586 BC

Ezekiel's vision of a restored temple

573 BC

King of Babylon Dies

562 BC

Daniels first vision

553 BC

Daniel is thrown into the lions den

539 BC

Daniel prays for his people

538 BC

Cyras allows exiles return to Egypt

538 BC

Haggai and Zachariah serve as prophets

520 BC

Second temple completed in Jeruslem

515 BC

Esther becomes queen of persia

479 BC

Ezra leads another group of returning exiles to Jeruslem

458 BC

Nehemiah returns to Jeruslem

445 BC

Old Testiment begins to get translated into Greek

255 BC

The Books

1900 BC - 430 BC


1900 BC


1450 BC - 1410 BC

Author: Moses
Audience : The people of Israel
Where : In the wilderness during the wanderings


1450 BC - 1410 BC

Author: Moses
audience: The people of Israel
where: in the wilderness during the wanderings
focuses on Holiness


1450 BC - 1410 BC

Author: Moses
Audience: The people of Israel
Purpose: to record Israels deliverance from Egypt
Where: written in the wilderness during the wonderings


1406 BC - 1376 BC

Author: Unknown. Some parts may have been written by Joshua and some by Phineas the high priest
Audience: the people of Israel
Purpose: To give an account of Israels conquest of the promised land
Where: The promised land (Canaan


1406 BC

Author: Moses ( except the final summery)
Audience: The new generation of Israel entering the promised land
where: In the east side of the Jordan River.
focuses on obedience that leads to blessings


1376 BC - 1100 BC

Author: Possibly Samuel
Audience the people of Israel
Purpose: To show Gods Judgement against sin is certain.
Where: Land of Canaan

1 Samuel

1105 BC - 1010 BC

author: Unknown
audience: the people of Israel
where: in Israel as Samuel is recorded as the last Judge during this period.


1100 BC

Audience: people of Israel
author: unknown
where: a time when people living in darkness yet three specific people remained pleasing to God.

2nd Samuel

1010 BC - 970 BC

Author: unknown
Audience: The people of Israel
Where: land of Israel under Davids rule
the purpose of this book was to record a history of Davids reign. And what effective leadership under God looks like

1st Chronicles

1010 BC - 970 BC

Audience: The exiles who returned from captivity
Author: Ezra
it was written to unify God's people.

1st Kings

970 BC - 853 BC

Author is unknown
Audience: To the people of Israel
Where: a once great nation, now devided.

2nd Chronicles

970 BC - 538 BC

Ezra would be considered the author according to tradition.
Audience: the exiles who returned from captivity.
the purpose was to unify the nation.

2nd Kings

853 BC - 561 BC

Author unknown
Audience: the people of Israel
to demonstrate what awaits anyone who refuse to make God their true leader.


800 BC

Author:Joel son of Pethuel
Audience:The people of Israel
The purpose was to warn of God's impending judgement.


793 BC - 753 BC

Author: Jonah son of Amittai
Audience: all the people of Israel.
the purpose was to show the extent of God's grace.


760 BC - 750 BC

Audience: The people of Israel the northern kingdom
Author: Amos
The purpose was to announce God's Judgement.


753 BC - 715 BC

Author: Hosea son of Beeri
audience:the northern kingdom of the people of Israel
Purpose was to illustrate God's unconditional love.


742 BC - 687 BC

Author:Micah a native of Moresheth
Audience: all the people of Israel.
The purpose was to warn God's people that Judgement is coming.


740 BC - 681 BC

author: the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz
The purpose was to call the nation back to God.


663 BC - 654 BC

Audience: the people Ninevah
Author: Nahum
the purpose was to pronounce God's judgment on Assyria and comfort Judah with truth.


640 BC - 621 BC

Author Zephaniah
Audience: the people of Judah
To urge the people of Judah to return to God.


627 BC - 585 BC

Author: Jerimiah
The audience was Judah and its capital city.
the purpose was to urge God's people to turn back from their sins.


612 BC - 589 BC

Author: Habakkuk
Audience: to the people of Judah
the purpose was to show that God is still in controll


605 BC - 536 BC

Audience: The other captives in Babylon
The purpose was to give a historical account of faithful Jews. As well as God's control over heaven and earth.


597 BC - 571 BC

Author: Ezekiel
audience: The Jews in captivity in Babylonia
Purpose was to announce God's Judgement on Israel. and foretell the eventual salvation of God's people.


586 BC

Author: Obediah
Audience:the edomites
the purpose was to show that God Judges those who harm his people.


586 BC

Author: Jeremiah
Audience: The exiled people of Judah
the purpose is to teach people that disobey God is to invite disaster


538 BC - 450 BC

Author: Not stated but probably Ezra
Audience:The exiles returning
The purpose was to show God's faithfulness


520 BC

Audience:The people of Israel
The purpose was to call people to complete building the temple.


520 BC - 518 BC

Audience:the Jews in Jeruslem who had returned from captivity
The purpose was to encourage the rebuilding of the temple and give hope.


483 BC - 473 BC

Author: Unknown
Audience: The people of Israel
The purpose was to demonstrate God's sovereinty and his love for his people.


446 BC - 432 BC

Author: much of it suggests Nehamiah
Audience: The exiles who returned from Captivity
The purpose was to record the third return to Jerusalem after captivity. also stating the building of the wall.


430 BC

Author: Malichi
Audience:The people in Jerusalem
The purpose was to confront the people of their sins and to restore their relationship with God.

Overall sections

God's chosen Family

2100 BC - 1800 BC

This is the account of Abraham through Joseph

The birth of Israel

1800 BC - 1406 BC

contains the wanderings and the beginings of the promised land

Possesing the Land

1406 BC - 1050 BC

the beginings of achieving God's promise

United Monarchy

1050 BC - 930 BC

one nation under a King

Split Nation

930 BC - 586 BC

The great nation of Israel now divided into two kingdoms


586 BC - 538 BC

After Babylonians attack

Return and Diaspora

538 BC - 6 BC

starting with 50000 people returning back to Jerusalem others follow. Following that the prophets come back and foretell of the Judgement of God and The one to Come.