Ancient Middle East and Evolution of Religion


Drought and Famine Push Hebrews Out of Canaan

1800 BCE

Hebrews made it all the way to Egypt where they were enslaved until Moses came and saved them. Moses had heard God and this made the Hebrew people believe God was the ruler of heaven and Earth. This also made God to make the Jews the chosen people.

Babylonian Conquer Fertile Crescent

1700 BC

Under King Hammurabi's rule the Babylonians conquered the Fertile Crescent. Once there King H. made the code of laws (set of 282 laws) to protect, rule, and serve justice for the people.

Hitties Take Over Fertile Crescent

1500 BC

The Hitties took the idea of Cuneiform from Babylonians. The Hitties were best known for iron hnadicraft and iron tools.

Formation of Israel

1025 BC

The Jews migrated from Sinai Peninsula to the Fertile Crescent. Then eventually they formed Israel.

Solomon's Death

930 BC

After his death the kingdom weakened and eventually Israel was conquered.

Phonetic Alphabet

800 BC

The Phoenicans moved into now-Lebanon. They traded and with the trading their 22 symbol alphabet went a long with the products. This 22 symbol alphabet eventually became the 26 symbol alphabet we use today.


600 BC

A mythical/maybe-realistic being. He was a supposed born killer, he was placed in fires and herds of cows to be killed but nothing killed him. He thought that Earth was the battlefield for good vs. evil. He helped Persians realize that they should treat the people they conquered with respect.

Persians Conquering More Area

500 BC

The Persians conquer Asia Minor to Indus Valley.

Persians Help Hebrews

500 BC

The Persians took the Fertile Crescent and sent the Jews back to Israel. Once there they rebuilt their temples.

Death of Alexander

323 BC

Jesus Became Preacher

30 AD

Unknown time but Jesus was 30.

Jesus Arrested and Crucified

33 AD

Roman Empire Ruled

115 AD

By 115 AD the Roman Empire ruled over the Middle East, Asia Minor, Nile Valley, and the Fertile Crescent.

Conversion to Christianity

313 AD

The Roman emperor Constantine converted to Christianity.

Christianity in Roman Empire

395 AD

Christianity was now the main religion in the Roman Empire.

Split of Roman Empire

395 AD

The Roman Empire split making the east and the west. The east would be known as the Byzantine Empire which consisted of Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, east part of the Fertile Crescent. The capitol was Constantinople.