Cell Theory Timeline

Cell Theory

Robery Hooke looks at cork cells though a microscope.


He saw little "compartments" in the cork and named them cells.

Anton van Leeuwenhook sees single celled organisms in pond water.


He looks at pond water though an advanced single lens microscope and saw what he called "animalcules".

Matthais Schleiden observes all plants are made of cells


He used a compound microscope to study plant tissue and observed all plants had cells.

Theodor Schwann concludes all living things are made of cells


After seeing the similarities between plants and animal cells, he realized all living things are made of cells

Rudolph Virchow Discovers cells come from other cells


He discovered that all cells come from preexisting cells and many other things about cells and disease.

World History

Great Palgue of 1665 kills 75,000+ in London


Revolutionary War begins

April 19, 1775

Delaware becomes the first state

December 7, 1787

George Washington becomes president

April 30, 1789

King George III dies