The Disappearing Spoon: Part V


William Thomson AKA Lord Kelvin

1824 - 1907

British physicist and engineer.

Robert Falcon Scott

1868 - 1912

British explorer, races to the South Pole but is beaten by another team. Perishes trying to escape the cold.

Albert Einstein

1879 - 1955

This man needs no introduction... 1921 Nobel Prize winner.

Satyendra Bose

1894 - 1974

Indian physicist who's calculation error spawned the idea for the BEC.

Enrico Fermi

1901 - 1954

Italian physicist who pioneered the field of quantum physics. 1938 Nobel prize winner for discovered transuranic elements he did not discover.

Charles Townes

1915 - Present

American physicist who invented the maser and the laser. 1964 Nobel Prize winner.

Richard Feynman

1918 - 1988

American physicist best known for his work with quantum mechanics and the fine structure constant.

Donald Glaser

1926 - 2013

American physicist who pondered bubble science... and beer. 1960 Nobel Prize winner.

Frank Drake

1930 - Present

American astronomer and astrophysicist who formulated the Drake equation in response to Fermi's Paradox.

Neil Bartlett

1932 - 2008

English chemist best known for his astounding Noble Gas compounds.

Seth Putterman

1945 - Present

Professor of Physics (Fluid Dynamics) at UCLA. Studied sonoluminescence.

Cornell & Wieman

1961 - Present

American physicists who synthesize the BEC. 2001 Nobel Prize winners.