Rochell Time line


Space travel

The first Rocket into space

1942 - 1945

German v2 Rocket

Fruit Flies


They wre the first animals launched into space.

The first monkey in space


The first monkey in space was called Albert the second and he was a Rhesus monkey and he was originally from asia

the first satellite in space


Russia launched the first satellite.It was called the Sputnik1 and the age has properly begun.

the first dog in space

02/11/1957 - 09/11/1957

The dogs name is called laika

the first woman in space

june 1963 - august 1965

her name was Valentina Tereshkova and she was born the 6th of march and she was Russian

The first British person in space


Helen Sharman entered a competition to be the first british woman in space after 18 months of intensive training Helen was apart of a Russian mission to the MIR space station.

The first tourist in space


The first tourist Dennis Tito became the first tourist in space he spent 20 million dollars to go on the moon insted of being the first tourist in space he was also the first millionaire in space