Anna & Shan

Our 20 years of love and many more to come!


First Met at my house warming party


Got introduced by Shan's sister, Lily Yue and my ex-roommate, Cecilia Jiang

Shan came to my Office in December 1992

December 1992

Shan was asked to come pick up something her sister, Lily, left at my house.

Shan came to my Office again to pick up APS Lunar NY Banquet form

January 1993

We met again at my office and Shan asked me out to a drink.


January 1993 - February 1994

Our first dog, Spanki, arrived

October 1993

Spanki is my first Christmas present to Shan

Living together at 3660 16th Street

February 1994 - Sept. 2002

Register as Domestic Partner with City and County of San Francisco

June 28, 1995