the era project


spice colors

700 bc

Social is purple
political is red
interactions is black
culture is blue
economics is green

Growth of trade

651 bce - 558 bce

Through out the empires growth the trade went with it as well at a rapid rate.

mandana writes rights

584 bc

This was one of the first declarations of human rights.

Darius puts down revolts.

580 bc - 521 bc

This made the internal revolts stop and make equivocalness.

Cyrus captures Babylon

539 bc

This was important as he released the Jews.

xerxes brought foreign architects

486 bce

This was able to make influences on the architecture from other places.

Death of Alexander at Babylon

323 bc

The empire is carved into three empires:
Cassander rules over Greece and Macedonia,
Lysimachus rules over Thracia and Asia Minor,
Ptolemy rules over Egypt, Judea, Syria,

Triads lead independence revolt

248 BC

The Tiridates leads the Parthians to independence from the Seleucids

Shahpur I establishs a library

250 Ce

he starts the library of Jondi Shahpur, one of the largest in the world at that time.

Mani is crucified by the Sassanids

276 ce

for trying to incorporate Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism into one religion ("Manichean")

Mazdak advocates for social change

528 ce

He advocates the abolition of private property, the division of wealth and nonviolence .


China isolated

400 bc

During this part china was isolated and played a huge part in their interactions.

quin reforms buracracy

360 bc

This made the government decentralized and better for all.

Zhou DE centralize government.

258 bc

This spreads responsibilities out to different bodies to control and regulate the government.

quin puts national census

221 bc - 202 bc

This was able to see what the population was and what to do.

Lisi abolish fudalism

221 bc

This made the government not bias to one ideal.

Han started to trade

220 bc

He had indirect trade with the roman empire.

quin made uniform script

220 bce

This made the Chinese script able to go all over and be readable.

Han direct contact with outside

218 bc

This made china interact with India and the middle east.

quin standrdized

209 bc

coinage,weights and measures and manufacturing

Zhou banned human sacrafice

200 bc

This made people chose castration more and made it a sign of loyalty.


Sea side town start to pop up

600 bc

This started to make trade easier and more productive citys.

caste system

600 bc

This system made the groups and classes in india.


572 bc

siddhartha gautama becomes a important figure of influence and religion.

bimbisara of binary conquers the magadna

543 bc

This moved the capital to rajagria

Indian merchants travel

500 bc

This was able to give them access to other goods in other parts.

The mahabarta is made

200 bc

one of the biggest epics in india.

pataniali makes the yoga sutras

150 bc

This is giving us the ability to make the the body and mode as one.

india divide

100 bc

with the fall of an empire. India went into the 3 regions we still use today.

Buddhist monks carve two giant Buddha statues

380 ce

This was important as there were no statues so big before.

The huns invade

455 ce

Pujabkamire is invaded by one of the most powerful armies at the time.


Solon finds democracy

594 bc

he replaces draconian law with democracy.

The first coins are minted in Athens.

570 bc

With the discovery of silver mines they were able to make this currency.

Pisistatos becomes a tyrant

546 bc

This was one of the first tyrants in the classical period.

red figure pottery

525 bc

This made having pots fun and creative.

inoian revolt

499 bc

one of the first military revolts.

silver mines found near Athens

483 bc

this was great as the silver can be made into coins and jewelry .

peace treaty

446 bc

A thirty year peace treaty between Athens and Sparta.


430 bc

This plague kills many.

construction of nike temple

420 bc

this temple was made for the winged god of victory.

plato establish athens academy

380 bc

Athens academy gave us the great thinkers of the time.


the forum

600 bc

The forum is built were men can collaborate on government issues.

The first aqueduct is made

312 bc

This was how for the very first time they received water in a convent way.

Via Appia

312 bc

This was a road in Rome which was able to make trade.

A plebein rise to the priesthood

300 bc

before this happened many commoners could not be in such positions .

The Lex Hortensia makes the plebeians

287 bc

the first time the commoners have a voice.

Rome issued coinage

280 bc

the first currency of rome

slave revolt

185 bc

The slaves of apulia became angered and rose to fight.

a law forbids italians becoming other citizens

126 bc

this showed how many people the roman empire wanted to keep.

The first julian calendar

45 bc

This was one of the calendars that was used for a very long time.

5 million people live in Rome

14 ce

this shows how big the empire is at the time and the growth.