History Timeline

Hittite Empire


1900 BC - 1750 BC

earliest references recorded in Assyrian text

Marsilis assassinated around 1590

1595 BC

Hittite empire collapsed which is why impo

Recover Unity

1400 BC

King Suppiliumas

1344 BC - 1322 BC

Akhenaten Dies

1335 BC

provides oppurtunity to extend empire into the levant

Battle against Hittite King Muwattalis

1285 BC

Pharaoh Ramesses II attemped to restore egypt's dominance

both declare victory bc of rising power of Assyria

The Old Babylonian Empire

Babylon was in control

1894 BC - 1813 BC

Amorite King, Hammurabi Rules

1792 BC - 1750 BC

he was most famous king

built canals and temples

Hammurabi annexed all of Sumeria

1761 BC

defeated dominant king, Rimsin of Larsa

Hammurabi conquered most of northern mesopotamia

1757 BC - 1755 BC

imposed vassal status on Assyria

restored temples in Achur and Nineveh

Babylon was sacked by Hittite King Mursilis

1595 BC

amorite dynasty overthrown for 200 years

Assyrians and Kassires

Babylon switches control

1595 BC

sack of hitties -> kassite king agum is in control

King Ulamburiash Conquers Sealand

1475 BC

restored control of southern mess.

led to one single political unity

Tikulti-ninurta I

1243 BC - 1207 BC

extended assyrian empire after capturing Babyloon in 1220 BC

Tikulti-ninurta's Death

1207 BC

cost of campaigns led to murder because he was so hated

Elamite Invasion

1154 BC

Brought down by invasion and recovers by themselves through native dynasty

The age of the Sea Peoples

Destruction and Dislocation

1200 BC - 1150 BC

eastern mediterranian had massive destruction and economic dislocation

Attacked many places before invading egypt

1180 BC

coast of anotolia, cyprus, syria, canaan, egypt

Tiglain-Pilesaer I

1115 BC - 1076 BC

succesfully kept armaens at bay


700 BC

survived until 7th century before conquered by assyrians

Overthrown Assyrian Empire

612 BC

chaldean dynasty in control of Babylon in 8th century... 612 overthrow assyrian empire

The Kingdom of the Bible Lands

King Saul

1020 BC - 1006 BC

killed in battle with Philistines

Succesor David

1006 BC - 965 BC

greatly expanded hebrew kingdom- conquers Jeruselum

Solomon (David's Son)

965 BC - 928 BC

took on big lavish buildings from his father

Shoshenq invade and impose

924 BC

invaded and imposed tribute on Israel and Judah

Israel destroyed by Assyrians

722 BC

Judah survived until 586 BC

Jews return to homeland

539 BC

cyrus the great gives jews permission to go hiome after he conquered Babylon in 539 BC