Tournament Day 1


AB/AR/HC Arrive at golf club

06/06/2011 5:45am

Breakfast is served on patio

06/06/2011 6:00am - 06/06/2011 7:15am

Tables available for seating.

Menu: insert menu here

Registration table available (AR/HC)

06/06/2011 6:00am - 06/06/2011 7:15am

This table is to answer any questions they may have.
Couple them with partners

Shotgun start

06/06/2011 7:30am

West Course

LB greets guest (Ladies) in the fountain room WT

06/06/2011 9:30am

General Welcome
Let's them know what she will be up to today & tomorrow...

No scheduled events

06/06/2011 1:00pm - 06/06/2011 6:00pm

Tournament Day 1 concludes

06/06/2011 1:00pm

HC/AR arrive Penrose Room

06/06/2011 6:00pm

32 Underwriters arrive @ Penrose Room

06/06/2011 6:15pm - 06/06/2011 6:30pm


Sam & Becky Carr
Marcus Lamb
Al & Tava Brice
Curt & Rene Banglesdorf
Gary & Amy Burton
Doug & Linda McDonald
Jimmy & Kirie James
Terry Redmon
Joey & Kari Edge
Michael & BJ Bilanzich
Mike & Janet Rovner
Steve & Melody Munsey
Holt & Marietta Vaughn
Bob & Jenny Donnelly
Rob & Vanessa Birkbeck

Underwriters Penrose Dinner

06/06/2011 6:30pm - 06/06/2011 8:30pm

See minute by minute Run Sheet

Will be given to JB/LB/AB day of event