Lack in display of social distinctions

1600 - 1700

unemployed yeomen and younger sons of gentry wanted to colonize the most


Eng developed an insulting attitude of natives during colonization of ireland


middle ground


cultural zone where indian and colonists were forced to accomadate e/o and share practices, even intermarriage

Launch of New England Foundation


Purpose: defend against potential enemies, namely Amerindians, the French, and the Dutch. Even dealt with runaway servants and criminals.
Who: MA and Connecticut colonies. blackballed Maine and Rhode Island.
Significance: although weak, its was first notable step toward colonial unity.

act of toleration


Maryland gave freedom to practice protestantism and roman catholicism.

New Sweden(short lived) conquered by Dutch New Netherland


half-way covenant created


baptism but no full communion to people who had not had a conversion experience.
conferred partial memership rights in the once-exclusive Puritan congregations. Weakened the distinction btwn the elect and others. Diluting the spiritual purity of the original settler's version

Dutch New Netherland was conquered by Sweden


1st Amer. Rev.


Andros(british, hated control freak) - limited town meetings, courts, the press, schools, and revoked all land titles. Taxed without consent. Enforce navigation laws(see Dominion of New England) and suppress smuggling. Climaxed with the Glorious revolution in eng. Colonists in Boston were mad and took down te Dominion of New England.
Sig: 1st notable resistance to Brit. Later, the navigation laws were only weakly enforced. --- ( period of salutary neglect). MA got a new charter and voting camed to be enjoyed by all land owning men instead of church members.

End of King Philip's War


King Philip is an Amerindian. He created an alliance to try to resist English infringement in the New England region. Last hope and remained only a minor threat to colonists.

slavery became more preveland


Dominion of New England


Like New England Confederation except for it was created in London.
Who: all of New England, then 2yrs later, expanded to include NY and E&W Jersey.
What: tightened the control on the colonies by using the English Navigation Laws - regulated colonies' trade with non-British's (led to smuggling)
Sig: allowed Andros to crack down on the colonists > 1st Ame. Rev. (see event.)

Leisler's Rebellion

1689 - 1691

fueled by animosity btwn landholders and arpiring merchants.

defeat of tuscorora and yamasee indians by n carolinians.


powerful creeks, cherokee, and iroquois remained in App. mt. as barrier to white settlement.