U.S. History timeline


Freedmen's Bureau


Set up by the Republican Congress to find jobs, give education, and medical help to the new Freedmen

confederates surrender


After four years of war, the confederates (South), surrender to the Union (North).

Black Codes


Passed by the South after the Civil WAr to restrict the movement and labor of the newly freed slaves

13th Amendment


13th Amendment allowed the abolishment of slavery in the U.S.

KKK Founded


Founded in Tennessee: Created by Southerners to intimidate Black from voting

14th amendment


14th amendment stated that people born in the U.S. are citizens of theU.S. and of the states in which they reside. They were entitled to the equal protection of the laws of both goverments

Force Acts


Protected the voting rights of African Americans. Aimed at limiting the KKK. Federal government has the power to prosecute offenses.

15th amendment


15 the amendment said the right to vote may not be denied because of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

Civil Rights Act of 1875


The Civil Rights Act of 1875 or called Enforcement of Force Act, it guaranteed African American equal treatment in public accommodation, public transportation and prohibited exclusion from jury service. It was declared unconstitutional in 1883

Election of 1876


Prohibition Party, Greenback Party, Republicans, Hayes; Democrats Tilden; Rutherford Hayes elected president; Tilden defeated in disputed election.

Reconstruction ends.


Reconstruction end in the south with withdrawal of federal troops from the south: THis was thought to be the deal made with Hayes-his becoming President in exchange for removing troops from the south.

Tuskegee Institute began.


Tuskegee Institute began by Booker T. Washington. Washington believed that blacks could work their way up in society by learning a skill by which they could support themselves.

Civil Rights Act deemed Unconstitutional


Civil Rights Act 1875 deemed Unconstitutional

1890's -------->


Jim Crow Laws- Separate but equal facilities
Mahan's influence of sea power upon history- A book about how the most dominate country has the strongest navy. Therefore began the Roosevelts "The Great White Fleet."

New Orleans Italy Crisis


New Orleans crisis with Italy-- Eleven Italians were lynched in the largest mass lynching in U.S. history. Italy formally protest in this international incident.

USS Maine Sinked & Spanish American war started


Americans thought the Spanish sunk the USS Maine so that was the spark of the war, never determined the explosion and sinking of the ship.

Theodore's published "Sister Carrie."


A novel about a young country girl who moves to the big city and attempts to realized her dreams.

Panama Canal


With the knowledge that mosquito carries yellow fever and malria, Williams Gorgas was able to ride the area of mosquitos and enable the U.S. to successfully build the canal