Life Events


1322 - 1326

Sometime in the mid-1320's in Yorkshire, village of Wycliffe

Appointed Probationary Fellow at Oxford


possibly began shortly before 1350

Promoted to Balliol's benefice of Fillingham, Lincolnshire

14 May 1361 - 1368

Began studying theology


based on a 1369 description of Wyclif as "in sacra theologia bacallarius"

Appointed warden of Canterbury College

9 December 1365 - 1367

College newly founded by Archbishop Simon Islip (died in 1366). Wyclif was one of the fellows intended to help ensure a secular presence at the college. He, along with all other secular fellows, were removed from their positions in the spring of 1367, which he strongly resisted. He appealed to Rome, and in 1370 the college was officially declared a solely monk-organized institution.

Might possibly refer to a contemporary with the same name (?)

Took on rectory at Ludgershall

November 1368 - 1374

in Buckinghamshire; saw himself as being wrongfully displaced by papal provisor Philip Thornbury

King presents W with rectory of Lutterworth

7 April 1374 - 31 December 1384

in Leicestershire. Held this position until his death.

Accused of heresy


Summoned to St. Paul's by Archbishop Sudbury to account for heretical arguments

Five Papal Bulls against Wyclif

22 May 1377

as well as one against the king and one against the chancellor of the University of Oxford.

Bulls based on claims made in Wycliff's De civili dominio.

Condemned at Oxford

May 1381

William Barton, Oxford chancellor, organizes committee to expel heretics from university. Wyclif is read announcement while lecturing.

Dies after paralyzing stroke

31 December 1384

Buried in the churchyard at Lutterworth

Body exhumed & burned


In spring, his body is exhumed, bones burned, and ash scattered on the River Swift, by order of Pope Martin V.


De logica (On Logic)


De ente primo in communi (On Primary Being)


De actibus animae (On the Acts of Soul)


De ente in communi (On Universal Being)


Purgans errores circa universalia in communi (Amending Errors about Universals)

1366 - 1368

date unsure; sometime between 1366 & 1368

Tractatus de universalibus (Treatise on Universals)

1368 - 1374

unsure date; sometime between 1368 & 1374

De ente praedicamentali (On Categorial Being)


De intelleccione Dei (On the Intellection of God)


De volucione Dei (On the Volition of God)


De materia et forma (On matter and form)

1370 - 1375

De civili dominio (On dominion in community)


uncertain date (unreliable source)