Story of the World

Events added as we encounter them in our studies. We are using Story of the World - Middle Ages as our primary history curriculum this year.


Roman Empire

Diocletian was Emperor

285 AD - 305 AD

Division of the Roman Empire into East (Roman) and West (Byzantine)

395 AD

Justinian was Emperor

527 AD - 565 AD


Life of Gautama (The Buddha)

560 BC - 480 BC

The Mauryan Dynasty (founded by Chandragupta)

321 BC - 185 BC

The Gupta empire

320 AD - 535 AD

The Ajanta frescoes were painted

400 AD - 500 AD


Beginnings of the Kingdom of Kush. (Capital at Napata)

1000 BC

Kushite kings conquered and ruled Egypt.

751 BC - 664 BC

The Asyrians invaded the Nile Valley

671 BC

Capital of Kush moved from Napata to Meroe

590 BC

Meroe conquered by King Ezana of Axum

339 AD


A family becomes a nation

2100 BC

Abraham and Isaac

2000 B.C.

Joseph in Egypt

1900 B.C.

The Exodus

1450 B.C.

Moses and the Law

1450 B.C.

Freedom from slavery

1450 BC


1399 B.C.


1399 BC


1380 BC - 1058 BC


1070 B.C.

A great kingdom

1043 BC - 931 BC

Saul becomes king

1043 B.C.


1000 B.C.

Solomon and the Temple

960 B.C.

Kingdom divides

931 B.C.

Kingdom divides

931 B.C.

Kings and prophets in Israel

931 BC - 722 BC

Kings and prophets in Judah

931 BC - 586 BC

Kingdom of Israel is destroyed

722 B.C.

Crash and burn. Crash. And. Burn.


720 B.C.


610 B.C.


605 B.C.

Jerusalem destroyed

586 B.C.

Again. Crash. And. Burn.

Return from captivity

458 B.C.

Captivity and return

458 BC


5 B.C. - 30 AD

The church of Jesus

30 AD - Present

After almost 2000 years, this is still happening.

The Church begins

30 AD

...With peoples heads on fire... (The book really does have a picture of a bunch of guys with their heads on fire.)

Letters to Christians

45 AD - 90 AD


Founding of Alexandria

332 bc


330 bc - 275 bc



Founding of The Museum



Sui Dynasty

589 AD - 618 AD

United North and South China by building the Grand Canal, however; their reign was short because they treated the people like slaves.

T'ang Dynasty ruled.

618 AD - 906 AD

Buddhism very popular. Invented gunpowder. Invented fireworks, porcelain, compasses and wooden block printing. Lasted a long time.


The Pony Express

April 1860 - October 1861

from the book Riding the Pony Express by Clyde Robert Bull


Beatrix Potter

1866 - 1943

Potter, Beatrix (1866-1943), was an English author and illustrator known for her charming children's stories about small animals. Her books combine stories of adventure and humor with delicate water colors that capture the action and mood of the text. Potter's first and most famous story is The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902).

Potter wrote and illustrated about 25 books. In addition to Peter Rabbit, her characters include Squirrel Nutkin, Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten, Jemima Puddle-Duck, the Flopsy Bunnies, and Pigling Bland.