EDP Programmer - Vaibhav Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd., India

1 Nov 1997 - 10/31/1998

Monitor and fix problems with production runs identified by users and computer operations personnel; develop and implement solutions to the problems. Modify, enhance, or adds modules to existing applications; provide project and technical supervision of staff assisting in application development and maintenance tasks.

EDP Manager - Vaibhav Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd., India.

Nov 98 - 04/30/2000

Plan, schedule, coordinate, and participate in the development, testing, and implementation of applications for EDP department; Estimate cost and timing of application modifications and new systems development; Conduct formal and on-the-job training for system users in the capabilities and use of applications.

Senior Software Engineer - SETU CyberTech Ltd. India.

May 00 - 10/31/2000

MAJOR JOB FUNCTIONS: Design, develop & implement GIS based products. Responding & monitoring bug reports and plan changes into code to remove known bugs. Document code consistently throughout the development process by listing a description of the program, special instructions, and any changes made in database tables on procedural, modular and database level.

TECHNOLOGIES: Core Java, Java Swing, JSP, Servlets, IBM Eclipse, netBeans, Java 2D Graphics, MS-Access, Intergraph GeoMedia.

Team leader - SETU CyberTech Ltd. India

Nov 00 - 03/31/2002

MAJOR JOB FUNCTIONS: Monitor progress of project and lead team members towards successful deployment of project. Meet to clients and acquire details for developing GIS based products. Create process implementation plan & phases along with estimate timeframe to implement each of the phase, created process diagrams.

TECHNOLOGIES: Core Java, Java Swing, JSP, Servlets, IBM Eclipse, netBeans, Java 2D Graphics, Spatial query algorithm, MS-Access, MS-Visio, Intergraph GeoMedia & Oracle.

Computer Analyst - Sumaria Systems Inc, USA

May 02 - 08/31/2005

MAJOR JOB FUNCTIONS: Involved in development of billing software for dentists. Analyzed HIPAA requirements for securely sending & receiving information and implemented modules to send billing information to insurance companies. Created various reports using Crystal Reports to provide high level and detailed information about payment status of claims submitted to insurance company. Designed and implemented touch screen based dental billing module allowing doctors to do billing while they perform procedures. Implemented touch screen based module to create and track treatment plan. Analyze and optimize software performance along with optimization of UI & UX based on user interviews.

TECHNOLOGIES: Java Swing, IBM Eclipse, netBeans, Visual Studio, C#, 2D Graphics using GDI+, MS-SQL Server, MS-Access, Barcode Scanner Interface & Image Processing.

Business Process Manager - MD Manage Inc. USA

Sep 05 - 01/31/2008

MAJOR JOB FUNCTIONS: Analyze business process to make it more optimum, identify and document requirements from office staff and client. Suggest various software solutions to make payment cycles more frequent and easy for doctors. As part of process optimization we created several software modules, including Auto Document Sender to encrypt documents and send to online location. Auto Document Receiver to receive documents from online location. Online Document & Records Management System (EMR), and Medical Report Generator to replace transcription service used by doctors for report generation.

TECHNOLOGIES:, Visual Studio, C#, MS-SQL Server, JavaScript, Java, JSP, Servlets, netBeans, IBM Eclipse, CSS, HTML, STI Medical Billing Products & Microsoft Visio.

ACHIEVEMENT: The goal was to reduce payment cycle time for our clients (doctors). At the end of process optimization and software development; the payment cycle from insurance companies for our clients reduced from 14 days to 7 days. By using new EMR System we were able to reduced cost of operation by 15%.

Systems Engineer -BRP Solutions Network, Inc. Canada

Mar 2008 - 02/28/2009

MAJOR JOB FUNCTIONS: Add new functionality based on requirement documents provided by IT Director in existing eBRP Toolkit suite and related products. Create new libraries & User Interface to migrate existing code from legacy systems to .Net environment. By creating enhanced experience for search, we got client appreciation for enhancing the efficiency of search functionality on large orders database by optimizing the SQL query and breaking the large search result set into subsets by implementing paging to data grid. Work with team lead to create new modules to add into existing eBRP Toolkit Suite. Manage & Modify legacy code as per customer requirements.

TECHNOLOGIES:, Visual Studio, VB.Net, MS-SQL Server, XML, JavaScript, AjaxControl Toolkit, CSS, HTML, UI & UX, Visual Source Safe, nUnit, VB6.

Senior Systems Engineer - BRP Solutions Network, Inc., Canada

Mar 2009

MAJOR JOB FUNCTIONS: Enhancement of eBIA (Survey & Process Workflow Tool) product family. Creating & managing module for Data Import Engine & Rule Engine. Apart from coding the various modules of the application from the use case document, performing the unit testing and delivering the code to QA department. I contributed to design the application framework, assisted the other developers to follow best practices coding standards. Performed code review to meet those standards. Configured VSS 2005 for the application and took the responsibility of deploying tested code to QA and the production. Design & Develop libraries, user controls etc to enhance User Interface & Experience.

TECHNOLOGIES:, Visual Studio, VB.Net, C#, MS-SQL Server, XML, JavaScript, AjaxControl Toolkit, Aspose Products, Telerik Products, CSS, HTML, UI & UX, SVN, Visual Source Safe, Cruise Control, nUnit, VB6.

ACHIEVEMENT: I was responsible for design & development of new generic Data Import & Rule Engine; objective was to reduce 50% support calls for data import related issues. At end of phase 1 support calls reduced by 30% and we expect other 20% drop at end of phase 2 which is in QA Phase.