My Family Timeline (Copy)

Family Timeline and Events through 3 generations


Fathers' Birth


Father was born to a single mother, never knew his father raised by his grandmother.
Met his father later on in life.

Molther's Birth


Mother was (Janice Weatherspoon) was born to to both of her parents.

Both parents were 16 years old at the time.

Divorce: Bertha and Johnny Weatherspoon

Aug. 1970

Because of increased abuse of Alcohol and irresponsible behaviour as a husband or a father.

Janice loved her father and always felt deep resintment about this.

Dad's High School Days

Aug 1979 - May 1983

Father's High School Days

Dad was a high school basketball star

Struggled majorly with drugs and alcohol, and had a major anger problem because of never knowing his father, always felt like something in his life was missing .

He was not yet a believer in Christ.

Received a Scholarship to Mary Holmes Jr. College for basketball

Dad in College/Dad out of college

May 1983 - September 1984

Went to Mary Holmes Jr. College in West Point , Miss on a basketball scholarship

Partied all the time and really lost his meaning for living

Because of his increasing anger in disregard for authority he got into a brutal fight with one of his teamatesat lost his scholarship.

Mother Engaged

June 1984

Mother engaged to a high school sweet heart who was now serving in the navy and planned to marry her once she graduated high school

Dad' Meets Father

Oct. 1984 - May 1985

Having no where to go my father turned to his biological father, who was living a cush financial life in Los Angeles, California with his new wife.

While he was there he got an associates degree in computer/electronics

Realized that the anger that he had toward his father was only hurting himself and promised that he would nver be that type of father.

Dad comes back from california and meets my mom

Jun 1985

Dad sees my mom go crazy on this guy at the YMCA who tried to touch her butt and for some reason was highly atrracted to my mother.

Mom ended her engagement so they could start dating.

DaQuiri Weatherspoon Is Born

May 23, 1986

Parents are still not married at this time.

Mother is a believer in Christ, Father is not

Parents Married

Sept. 1987

Parents Separate

Oct. 1992

My father at this time was very grandiose, he loved to make money and spend it all the more. Because he had never been in a home to where he had seen a atable household, he really didnt know how to be what he needed to for a period of time they were separated

DaQ Fails 2nd Grade

June 1993

Because of everything that was going on within my household, I could care less about school.

Parents back together/ We lose everything to Bankruptcy

Nov 1993

We have to move in with my great grandmother, Elizabeth Smith; the woman who raised my dad, that is when things in my parents life started to change

Father Recieves Christ

June 1994

DaQ is baptized

July 1994

Brother and Sister are born

May 1995

Our lives were blessed with not one but two was awesome