British forces invade


British forces invaded Mesopotamia and occupied Iraq, making it a British Mandate. Rebellions against the British in Iraq were put down by aerial bombardment. Borders were drawn by people who knew nothing of Middle Eastern culture or tribal issues.

Kuwait created


British Colonial Office draws a new line in the Map, creating a border across southern Iraq creating the new nation of Kuwait. This was done intentionally to de­prive Iraq of access to the Persian Gulf.

Iraq joins league of nations


Iraq is recognized as a sovereign state and joined the League of Nations. The king of iraq remains a British creation and It was here that the chaos that has dominated modern Iraq began and continues.

Saddam Hussein born


Hussein joins the socialist Ba'athist party in 1956 and in 1959 Hussein is involved in an attempted assassination of the British installed King Abd al-Quassim that failed. Hussein is shot in leg in the assassination attempt forcing him to flee to Syria and Egypt.

Ba'ath Party revolt


Hussein helps lead 2nd revolt and this time succeeds, this revolt makes General Ahmed Hassan Bakr leader of Iraq and Hussein was named vice president. From here Hussein recruits and develops his secret police designed to find and eliminate dissidents.

Iraq oil nationalized


This is originated by General Bakr, reaction from US President Nixon and Shah of Iran is to arm Kurds to fight against Bakr and Iraq is placed on list of nations that support terrorism. All armament action to the kurds ceased when Hussein and the Shah agreed to give control of the Shatt-al-Arab water way to Iran in 1975.

Iraq and Iran coups


The Shah of Iran was overthrown in a revolt and the Ayatollah Khomeni takes over. This is also the revolt that overtook the American Embassy in Iran and American diplomats were held hostage for 440 days. At the same time Hussein Overthrows General Bakr taking full control of Iraq and the Ba’ath party. Hussein has all of his rivals in the party taken away by his secret police and shot.

Iraq invades Iran

1980 - 1988

Hussein invades Iran and war lasts 8 years. During this time Iraq is removed from terrorist support classification in 1982 and by 1984 America had restored full diplomatic relations with them sharing military intelligence and weapons. America also covertly was making deals with Iran during this time selling arms to them.1988 Iraq and Iran war ended.

Iraq in debt

1990 - 1991

After 8 year war with Iran Iraq was in crushing debt. Hussein accuses other gulf states of waging economic war against Iraq. Hussein claims Kuwait a providence of Iraq and invades in August. U.N. passes resolutions condemning invasion and levying economic sanctions devastating food supplies and increasing mortality rate. In January for 42 days the international collation lead by America started bombing Iraqi armed forces and its air force. In February the ground assault commenced and in 3 days Iraq withdrew.

Oil food programe


Iraq allowed to export oil for food and medicine

Axis of evil


President Bush declares Iraq is part of an "Axis of evil" in his state of the union address. British publishes dossier saying Iraq could make a nuclear bomb within a 1 to 2 years and second dossier documenting human rights abuses. UN chief weapons inspector says they have found "zilch" evidence of weapons of mass destruction and that there has been no help from the U.S. to find said weapons.

American and British war Ultimatum

2003 - 2004

President Bush and Mr. Blair give the U.N. 24hrs for the immediate disarmament of Iraq or American and British collation forces will attack. Bush addresses Hussein giving him 48 hours to leave Iraq. After the deadline America launches first air attacks and British ground forces invade the southern part of the country. After 9 months of war U.S. forces find Hussein in a hole. Fighting continues.

End of combat mission


U.S. hands over green zone controll to Iraq, Obama announces end of combatmission in iraq August 31,2010 after 7 years of combat.