Thaddeus Neville


Birth in London


Attends Eton (age 13)

1/1/1867 - 12/31/1871

I have no idea what the Victorian school year was like

Meets Sherlock Holmes


Lifelong friendship?

Attends Cambridge (age 18-22)

1/1/1872 - 12/31/1875

Recruitment by Military Intelligence (age 22)


Chosen for his social ability and contacts, as well as physical prowess.

Training alongside Holmes

2/2/1876 - 8/31/1877

Trips to the Subcontinent

6/1/1876 - 5/1/1879

Intermittent missions of varying duration, primarily for intelligence gathering. They were disguised as business trips and military missions

Timothy Neville killed in Anglo Afghan War


Extended trip to Japan (age 24)

2/12/1880 - 12/31/1884

Recruitment by Black Dragon society. Learned Ninjitsu and other covert skills. Asked to return to Britain as a spy. Fell in love with his sensei's daughter.

Continued Espionage Career

1/1/1885 - 1/1/1889

Game Begins


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