How Preceden Works

1. Sign up for a free Preceden account in less than a minute.
2. Add events to your timeline and organize them with layers.
3. Share your timeline with a link, PDF, image, or CSV.

Why Customers Love Preceden

Quickly visualize lots of events in one high-level timeline

Easy to Use

In survey after survey our customers mention Preceden's ease of use as their favorite thing about our tool.


Layers let you group similar events together on your timeline to keep them visually organized.

Visualization Options

With dozens of ways to customize the appearance of your timeline, you'll be able to create a perfect timeline for your audience.

What is a Product Portfolio Roadmap?

Product managers are responsible for their individual products and the plans required to grow their customer base with updates and enhancements their customers will love. A product portfolio roadmap, however, sets the strategy and timeline for all products within a product family. The portfolio roadmap communicates how the various products of the portfolio fit together and all activities are aligned into a cohesive strategy. Heads of product or chief product officers use these plans to communicate and align their teams, inform executive stakeholders and secure development budgets. Each product within the portfolio is represented in a swim lane to make viewing easier and provide the overall big picture.

"I need to prepare timelines for programs and projects to communicate plans and pro-gress to clinicians, administrators, and managers. Preparing timelines in other tools just takes too long, and the results are often disappointing and difficult to update. MS Project can create timelines quickly, but it's very difficult and time-consuming to format them in a way you can present. Preceden takes me just a few minutes to create a complicated timeline that I can share with stakeholders".
Paul S, Project Manager, Digital Transformation

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